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In order to get your kids to do math, you have to make it fun for them. For example, you can get them to play math games;make up funny and crazy stories that involve math;etc. Be creative!

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Q: How do you get your kids to do math?
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What are some good kids math games?

Below are some of the nicest kids' math games that I have already known about. These games come with fun and interesting gameplay with a mix of basic math lessons. Ideal for kids' math learning and practicing at home or anywhere! Wise Viking – Jungle Adventure by Dinosaur Math – Games for kids Little Panda Math Genius Monster Math 2

Why do kids like math?

kids like math because it deals with numbers and number are really fun

Where can one find online math puzzles?

Online math puzzles can be found at web sites such as Cool Math and A Kids Math. Cool Math 4 Kids is another web site that offers online math puzzles.

Why do kids learn math?

Well kids need to learn math to make them smarter, so they can have jobs and their parents will be proud of them.

Do kids like math?

Depends on each person. I like math.

What is the 1980's educational kids Math show?

Math Wise

What are some kids learning games for math?

You can try mobile learning games for kids' math learning! Today, learning games are really so helpful and effective to teach early-stage lessons to children easily! There are lots of educational game apps for kids available in app stores in different categories and as you asked "kids learning games for math", here, below are some of them ... These games will help your child learn and practice math while playing and having fun! Wise Viking – Jungle Adventure Prodigy Dinosaur Math – Games for kids Khan Academy Little Panda Math Genius Monster Math 2 Rocket Math and etc. If you try the math game apps above, you'll be successful for sure in teaching basic math to your kids!

How can a parent find information about cool math lessons for kids?

Parents can find information about cool math lessons on Cool Math and Cool Math 4 Kids. Information can also be found in such places as Kid Math Games Online.

What is the best kind of kids math games?

For great math games for kids, check out and They are free to use.

What are some of the best kids learning games available today for kids who are struggling in math?

The best learning games for someone who is struggling in math are available on They have some great games for kids of all ages to learn math.

What is the best kindergarten math software?

Math blaster is an old but fun game for kids to learn math.

Which websites offer free math games for kids?

The websites that offer free math games for kids are Kids Numbers, Cool Maths 4 Kids, Math Game Time and Primary Games websites. These sites offer free educational math games for children.