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If I am correct I think you are wanting to know how to connect a 3 way switch where you can turn off an light at 2 locations. At one switch you run a 12/2 wire from the switch to the light. There is no power at this switch. At the other switch you have your a power input wire. Run a 12/3 wire from one switch to the other. Connect all the whites together and shove them back in the box at the switch with the wire going to the light. At the switch with the 12/2 wire going to the light, connect the black 12/2 wire coming from the light to the black screw on the 3way switch. Now connect the red wire and black wire from the wire you ran between the switches to the other 2 screws on the switch. It does not matter which you connect to which screws. Connect the ground wire and put that switch in the wall with the cover on it. Now move the the other 3way switch with the power wire. Again connect all the whites together and shove them back in the box. Connect the black wire from the power source to the black screw on the switch. Now connect the other 2 wires left, black & red to the other 2 screws that are left. Again it matters not which wire you connect to which 2 screws that are left. Connect your ground wire and put the switch in the wall a cover on. At the light connect the black to black and white to white. Connect the ground wire to the green or ground wire on the light. You are done.

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Q: How do you give two way switch connection?
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Which logic gate is similar to two way switch?

XOR gate is a two way switch...beacuse connection is on when two variables are different

How do you use a 3-way switch to replace a 2-way switch?

Just use the center common connection and either of the two other connections. Attach switch so that toggle is up when the switch is on.

What are the disadvantages of a two way switch?

What is Disadvantages of two way switch

Is there a way to wire a 3 way household dimmer switch as a 2 way dimmer switch?

You need a three way switch to control lights from two locations. The name is misleading. Three way switch refers to the connection points on the switch. You can use a three way switch as a single switch as long as you place hot wire on the brass screw and the use any of the other screws for the return hot.

How do you join two computers to one printer?

You can use something as simple as a two-way switch. Basically, both computers connect to the switch by a cable, and the switch is connected by cable to the printer. Each user turns the switch to their connection when they want to send something to the printer.

Difference between one way switch and two way switch?

A 'one way' switch is typically considered a 'single pole' switch with essentially one contact for the connection of an electrical circuit. A 'two way' switch probably refers to what is considered a 'three way' switch. where a single, common terminal can be connect to one of two possible contact points. (One incoming wire, and two potential 'outgoing' connections. A single pole switch is typical used when a device (light switch, fan, receptacle) only needs to be controlled from one location. A 'three way switch' is used when a device needs to be controlled from more than one (I.E. the top and bottom of a stairway, at both ends of a hallway) A three way switch allows for a device to be controlled independently from two locations, regardless of the position of the other switch.

How do you set up a two way switch?

The link will show a diagram of how to wire a two way switch.

What is the difference between a 2-way switch and a 3-way switch?

A pair of 'two-way' switches is used to allow a lamp to be operated from two different locations, such as from the bottom or top of a staircase. In North America, for some odd reason, a 'two-way switch' is called a 'three-way switch'. So, 'two-way switch' = British terminology); 'three-way switch' = US terminology.

What is the definition of a two way switch?

two way swtich is a switch taht is used when we on or off an electrical device on two buttons.

Difference between one way and two way switch?

Answer for UK, Europe and countries running a 50 Hz supply service.One way switch only switch once i.e one off or on and it only has two points. This switch can work alone in a circuit. A two way switch switches twice i.e two on and two offs. It has 3 points, one is the common point and the other two wires are connected to the two other points of another two way switch. It cannot work alone but must always have another two way switch connected to it otherwise it will work like a one way switch.

Does the power go in at the top or the bottom on a switch?

For a standard switch, it doesn't matter. If it's a 3 way switch, "hot" is connected to the "common" connection.

Define two way switch?

A "Two Way Switch" Is Simply Adevice Which Break Or Joint Electric Circut it Is used To Switch One Light On And Of from Two Diffrent Location :) Tami

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