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Q: How do you graph a not equals y on a number line?
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How do you graph y plus 2 equals 7?

The equation you have given, y + 2 = 7, does not describe a line, it describes the number 5. You would not graph a single number, there is nothing to graph.

Graph the line y equals 5?

y= -5

Is this the graph of the line y - 2x equals -6?


Plot the line y equals 3?

The graph is a horizontal line at y=3

Would y equals 4x show a horizontal line?

No. If you graph it, it doesn't. No line is horizontal unless the equation is y=A, where A is any real number.

Graph the line y equals 3?

A horizontal line crossing the y axis at 3.

What is the graph for Y equals X-8?

The graph of y = x - 8 is a straight line. The slope of the line is 1, and it intersects the y-axis at the point y = -8.

Which equation of the graph occurs when y equals x is changed to y equals x equals 2?

The diagonal line collapses into a single point on that line.

Graph y equals 2x-1?


What is the slope of the line y equals -5?

That line is horizontal on the graph. Its slope is zero.

What is the equation of the line tangent to the graph y equals sin 2x?

That line is [ y = 2 cos(2x) ].

In a line graph what quadrant is y equals -9?

Third and fourth