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If it is written in scientific notation it will have x10 to a certain power if it is standard it won't

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Q: How do you know if a number is written in scientific notation?
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How do you know if a scientific notation is true?

You don't - just as you don't with a number in normal notation.

How do you know if a number is scientific notation?

It is in scientific notation if it looks like ±a*10±b, where a is a number between 1 and 10 (1 ≤ a < 10) and b is an integer.

How do you write 332519000 in scientific notation?

332519000 in scientific notation is 3.32519 x 10^8

What is 0.00000054 in scientific notation?

5.400000e-7Scientific notation is also know as exponential notation. Numbers in scientific notation must be entered in E notation. For example, 1.23 x 10^7 is entered as 1.23E7 or 1.23e7.

What would 321003271 be in scientific notation?

I donโ€™t know

What is 57900000 in scientific notation?

I don’t know

What are the rules in writing in scientific notation?

there are many rules in writing A scientific notation but i don't remember it all im not the one who invented it you know

Explain to you what scientific notation is?

No thanks, I already know.


What you have to do is make sure your scientific notation is between 1 and 9.9999..... you know. then, you multiply that number by ten to a certain power-a negative or positive power; negative moving the decimal to the left and positive to the right-depending on the number you are using. For example, 6.37 x 10(to the 7 power).

What is scientific notation for 1743.55?

i dont know really sorry

How do doctors use scientific notation?

my mind is not able to know this

How would you describe the process of expressing numbers in scientific notation?

well first you can only have one number on the left side of the decimal. so if the number is 2,345,000,000,000 in scientific notation it would be 2.345x1012 . i know this because all the non zero numbers (2345) are there. to get the right power you can count how many spaces to move rthe decimal.

How to write the rules in writing standard notation to scientific notation?

I don't know what you mean "how to write the rules." In the US, "standard" notation means "long form", i.e. 6,000,000, while "scientific" notation means the exponential form, 6x106. I had thought it was the same in the UK, but Mehtamatics says otherwise: "Standard notation and scientific notation are the same in terms of UK usage of these phrases."

Scientific notation eazy to use?

its eazy to read if you know how to work it

What is .0000000111 in scientific notation?

I don’t know

How do you know if a number written in scientific notation is less than one?

if in the second part (+E[n]) n is less than 0 average life expectancy: 8.7+E1 OR 8.7*10^1 meters in a centimeter 1+E-2 OR 1*10^-2

Why do you need to know scientific notation?

You need scientific notation too make really big numbers ,like 15,600,000,000, to an easier way. The scientific notation of 15,600,000,000 is 1.56 x 1010You also need it to make really small small numbers , like 0.0000064, easier to use in a math problem. the scientific notation of 0.0000064 is 6.4 x10-6

What is 4.94 billion in scientific notation?

4 x 10 ( to the ninth power ). I don't know how to do superscripts.

How scientific notation is useful in measuring mass of an atom?

so that we can easy to know the measuring mass of an atom

How do you enter scientific notation into a calculator?

First of all, you have to have a scientific calculator, one that supports scientific notation. (As far as I know, all scientific calculators do.) The scientific calculator should have a special key labelled something like EXP. To input (for example) 2.3 million, you would type 2.3 EXP 6 (where EXP is short for "times 10 to the power...").

How is scientific notation used in the galaxy?

As far as we know, we only use scientific notation here on Earth, for the computing of very large numbers (like the distance between planets) or very small numbers (like the radius of a hydrogen atom).

What is 1000 to the fourth power?

You can best do this in scientific notation. 1000 = 103, so you have 10004 = (103)4. As you may know already, in this case you can multiply the exponents, to get 1012. This is the answer - in scientific notation, which is the best option for such large numbers.

What are some other facts about scientific notation?

The use of the word "other" implies that you already know of some facts about scientific notation. But you have not specified what. Unfortunately, we have not yet mastered the art of internet-based telepathy so we have no idea which facts you know and so which ones would be considered other.

How do you properly express 0.0247 in scientific notation?

To express 0.0247 in scientific notation properly you need to know the basic rules to convert. Shift the decimal point to the first no. greater than zero so 0.0247 becomes 002.47 hence the decimal has been crossed 2 digits which are 0 & 2, 002.47 is written as 2.47x10-2 note : the negative sign indicates that notation value is less than 1.

How do you represent 1.98381100 in scientific notation?

As we look at 1.98381100 here, we see it has only one digit to the left of the decimal. That is the basis for scientific notation. That and representing the shifting of the decimal point to get a character string with that one digit to the left of the decimal. When we shift the decimal to write a number in scientific notation, we use a power of ten to designate the decimal shift needed to get that character string with the single digit to the left of the decimal. Here we don't need a decimal shift, so we don't need a power of ten. If we were going to write it with a power of ten, it would look like this: 1.98381100 x 100 In this expression, we see 100 in there, and we know any number to the zero power is one. As 100 equals one, why do we need to write it? The answer is that we don't. The number you wished to represent in scientific notation is already that way. The power of ten is only needed if there anything but one digit left of the decimal place in the number under consideration.