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When you take the integral using the series as integrand, it converges if the integral worked out to be a number. If it's infinte, the series diverge.

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Q: How do you know if a series converges by the intergral test?
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What is D'Alembert's ratio test?

D'Alembert's ratio test, or simply the ratio test, is a way of determining whether certain series converge. It goes like this: to check if a series converges, check the sequence of ratios between consecutive terms. If that sequence converges to something less than 1, then the series converges absolutely. If it converges to something greater than 1, or diverges, then the series diverges. If it converges to 1 exactly, then the test is inconclusive.

You've an exam on series what essential things are there to know integral ratio test root test maclaurin Taylor pseries etc Can someone explain?

Let us call a series S, it is hard to put all the notation we need here, because we do not have the proper characters, but I will try. 1. One type of series is a geometries series. It converges if for the sum q^n where n goes from 0 to inginitye, q is stritclty between -1 and 1. 2. Consider an integer N and a non-negative monotone decreasing function f defined on the unbounded interval l [N, &infin;). Then the series converges if and only if the integral is finite. If the integral diverges so does the series. 3. Assume that for all n, an> 0. Suppose that there exists r such that the limit as n goes to infinity of |a_n+1/a_n)|=r If r < 1, then the series converges. If r > 1, then the series diverges. If r = 1, the ratio test is inconclusive, and the series may converge or diverge. 4. The root test looks at the limsup of the nth root of |a_n|=r, as n goes to infinity. If r1 it diverges and if r=1 the test tells us nothing

What is the comparison test for series?

The comparison test states that if a series of positive numbers converges, and in another series, each of the corresponding terms is smaller, then it too must converge. Similarly, if a series of positive numbers diverges to infinity, and another series has each of its terms greater than the corresponding terms of the other, then it too diverges.

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