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It's best to look at the number of vertices, and to see whether the side lengths are equal. This should help give an indication to the number of lines of symmetry.

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Q: How do you know if a shape has more than one line of symetry?
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What shape has more than 1 line of symetry?

Squares, circles, rectangles, and some triangles have more than 1 line of symmetry.

Does a circle have more than one line of symetry?

yes it has millions it can have a line of symetry from any angle

A shape with at least one line of symetry?

Most common shapes have a line of symmetry. For example, if you fold a heart in half, both sides will match up. Shapes like Squares, equilateral triangles, and circles have even more.

Which shapes have more than one line of symmetry?

Any regular polygon has more than one line of symetry. Also the circle has an infinite amount of symetric lines.

Can a quadrilateral have more than 4 lines of symetry?


How many lines of symetry does a octagon have?

8 i think or more

What is the difference between line symmetry and line of symmetry?

A symmetrical shape is said to have line symmetry. A shape that has line symmetry can have one or more lines of symmetry

How many lines of symetry does a oval has?

it has a infinate amount of lines of symetry........until one point were is possbily no more room. no one really knows

What shape has more sides than angles?

A straight line

Can a shape have more than one line of symmetry?


How do you know if you are a daughter of Poseidon?

You will have three freckles in the shape of Orion's Belt. I have three freckles on the side of cheek that is a vertical line. 0__0 I do not know if this completely true. Will do more research.

What is a closed shape formed by line segments that do not cross?

If it has 3 or more line segments then it is a polygon

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