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Only like terms can be subtracted or added in algebraic expressions.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How do you know if you will subtract or add in simplifying algebraic expressions?
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Why do you use letters in algebraic expressions?

the reason you use letters in algebraic expressions is because you don't know the number so a letter replaces it.

Why is it important to use order of operations to evaluate algebraic expressions?

I think it is important because you need to know it when you get older.

What is the meaning of variable in algebraic expression?

Variable is any letter used in an algebraic expression, and can vary (change form) to be any number, and one variable means the same number in any single algebraic expression. Usually algebra is simplifying the expression or equation until you know what the variable is equal to.

Why should you learn algebraic expressions?

Learning the expressions is the same thing as learning your multiplication tables - it helps you to understand algebra. And algebra allows you to understand things like logic, statistics, and all sorts of calculations where you don't know enough numbers to do a straight addition or multiplication or subtraction or division.

What is an algebraic geometer?

An algebraic geometer is a mathematician who specializes in algebraic geometry.

Why do you think it is important to know how to find the common denominator of two rational polynomials?

You need to find the common denominator in order to add or subtract them. You can only add or subtract "like things" and by finding a common denominator you make both rational expressions into things that can be added or subtracted.

How do you know that unknown girl like you?

face expressions

What type of problems can be solved using the greatest common factor?

Simplifying fractions.

How do you evaluate an algebraic expression when I know the value of each variable?

Replace each variables in the algebraic expression by its [known] value and calculate the value (ie evaluate) of the algebraic expression.

How do you do subtract fractions?

omg dont know

To find the value of an algebraic expression?

umm I don't know

What are the different types of math expressions?

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