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Yes. He nay have a genuine interest or he may be a horny old man.

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Q: How do you know if your dad's friend likes you if he is 15 years older than you and shows all the signs of liking you?
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You want to know if this girl likes you Without asking her What do you do?

Get your friend to ask her friend. Or just see if she shows any sign of either liking you or, if it's negative, liking another guy. Or bring it up to her gently and ask her if she likes anyone...when you ask someone that you can normally tell if they're lying... good luck dude.

If a guy shows signs of liking you as a girlfriend AND liking you as a friend which one is true?

GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!! -pretty in punk) As a guy i say gf but it all depends what he does if he jokes around with you or sits with you at lunch or if you pick partners in class he choses you then i he likes you as gf

What does that mean if the outgoing guy you like stares at you and looks straight at you for a long time until you look when he occasionally talks to you and shows signs of liking?

"and shows signs of liking"It seems you answered your question yourself there. If he shows signs that he likes you, go for it.

How do you get a girl to like you in 7nth grade if she likes your best friend?

Ahh, that's a tricky one. If she likes your best friend, try to think of some of the things she sees in him, and if you've got that make sure it shows. Maybe... If he really is your best friend and he doesn't like her back, he could even do something that would make her stop liking him... And so she would move a bit closer to you.

If a boy knows you like him and he shows most signs of liking you but a friend asks him if he likes you and he doesn't answer what does that mean?

If the boy is SHOWING that he likes you he most likely does.. and if he doesnt answer then he prolly does but doesnt want anyone to know cause he is most likely a vey shy person when it comes to that kind of situation.

He says he likes your friend but shows you way more attion?

What are you asking?

What does that mean if the outgoing guy you like shows many signs of liking you before but stops showing signs of liking you recently?

Either u took kindness for him liking you. Or he likes u and thinks u like some one else.

What to do if a guy you like is showing signs of liking you?

I know a boy in my class likes me,but I just ignore him.He hits me and he actually shows he is flirting!

How do you tell if a girl likes you and shows it but denies liking you is she being hard to get?

Try asking one of her friends and ask them to keep quiet about u talking to them

What does that mean if a guy shows signs of liking you for two years after your friend tells him you like him?

he wont listen to your friend because all he really heard was "do you like""blank"he'll never know that you like him anyway then he'll start talking about you and eventually he'll start showing sighns thats when you know he likes you.

Girl shows that she likes you but she said she doesn't like you like that?

If a girl shows that she likes you but she said she doesn't like you like that? she is sayingthat she likes you as a friend, someone she can talk to, someone who is there for her,but as far as the closeness of having a relationship no, that is not what she wants.

Your boyfriend is always talking about is friend when you have a date he always shows up?

You need to tell your boyfriend how you feel. That you don't like how his friend shows up on all your dates. If he really likes you he will tell his friend to back of a little bit.