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If each side of the equation is a fraction, then it is a proportion.

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Q: How do you know that an equation is proportional just by looking at it?
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How do we know when an equation represents a proportional relationship?

If it passes through the origin

How would you know if the equation is liner by just looking at the equation?

No powers also, no x times y i.e. xy = 1 is not linear

How do you know if a equation is a quadratic one?

You know an equation is quadratic by looking at the degree of the highest power in the equation. If it is 2, then it is quadratic. so any equation or polynomial of the form: ax2 +bx+c=0 where a is NOT 0 and a, b and c are known as the quadratic coefficients is a quadratic equation.

How do you know if something is proportional?

if somthing is proportional is will either be Multiplying or Diving

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The equation that you are looking for is R = E/I. Resistance = Volts/Amps.

How do you know if a fraction is proportional?

All fractions are proportional to some other fraction.

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If you are looking a graph of an quadratic equation how do you know where the solutions are?

They will be on the horizontal x axis of the graph (look for the x-intercepts).

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