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what grades do you need to become a dental university

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โˆ™ 2005-10-29 15:29:35
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Q: How do you know what degrees or diplomas you need for this or that career?
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What are career goal for firefighters?

u need a bachelor degrees.

How can this benefit you in your overall career?

We need to know what “this” is to answer.

How many degrees do you need to become a hairstylist?

Wow. Really? Bad career decision.

Does a college degree guarantee a successful career?

College degrees are no guarantee of a successful career. Indeed, they are no guarantee of a "career" at all. As a retired college professor, I have long argued that too many employers in the U.S. ask for college diplomas for jobs that in other industrialized societies are done by high school or community college graduates. Ask yourself, does the agent at a car rental office need a BS in business? A college degree helps to get your foot in the door, but does not guarantee a "career." As an additional thought, let me point out that in the long run college graduates with a general liberal arts degrees, say in History, tend to rise further in a firm than the graduates with specialized degrees such as accounting.

What is a credential society?

Credential society is a society in which determined eligibility for jobs based on diplomas and or degrees, even though they may be irrelevant to the actual work. Credentials are seen as badges of ability. Credentials are also sorting and screening device. Randall Collin argued that the primary social function of mass education derives from the need of diplomas and degrees to determine one's credentials for a job.

Does anyone know any website that has like quizes that will help me choose the right career for me?

You do not need questions from the website to be able to know the right career for yourself. You just need to discover what you love doing and that will help you in choosing the right career.

Do you need a diploma to work at walmart?

no have you seen the people in there. they do not have diplomas

The architect career requires to know English?

No, but you still need it!

What education do you need to get a career in biotechnology?

You will need a college education to obtain a career in the biotechnology field. Degrees ranging from and associates degree all the way to a Masters or even a PhD are available in this field.

What prerequisites do i need to become a professional career coach?

Generally you will need a relevant bachelor or masters degree before you can become a professional career coach, these degrees would be those such as psychology, sociology or counseling.

What do you need to know to take biology for a career?

You need to know how to work hard. Being a Bio makor is tough. Good luck :)

What is a good profession?

You will need to know what your hobbies are to decide what career you will be happy with

What math and science are needed to get any diplomas or degrees you need to do to be a doctor?

Most medical schools are looking for applicants with a background in biology or chemistry although degrees in these fields are not required. Only classes in biology or chemistry. Medical schools are also looking for a basic understanding of calculus

What career would you need to know greatest possible error?

Numerical analyst.

How did Tina Turners career start off?

please find out i need to know?

Is English important in your chosen carrer?

You need to answer this question. We don’t know your career.

How much does accounting payroll make?

Want to know what career to take! i want to know how much a accounting payroll makes? I need a career that's pays at least $15.00 hourly.

What are the available degree programs?

There are many degree programs available, such as technical degrees, 4 year bachelor degrees, and graduate degrees. First, you will need to choose a career path and then determine which degree you would like to obtain.

How did William Shakespeare's career develop?

i don't know! i need an answer, please reply to this! xx

What degrees do someone need to become a army guy?

as far as i know, None. as far as i know, None.

What degrees and qualifications do you need for fashion designing?

u need math degree that's all i know

If you wanted to know the the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 2 kg of steel by 10 degrees celsius what do you need to know about steel?

You need to know its specific heat.

Is winford high school online diplomas fake?

Accredited high school diplomas are considered legitimate and recognized. Online schools are no different from regular schools and they need to get accredited in order to be recognized as legitimate. Winford is an accredited online school, so diplomas issued by them should be considered legitimate and recognized.

What collages are good for medical degrees?

If you get into college. You'll need to know how to spell it.

What degrees do you need to become a computer technician?

None, if you know what you're doing...