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Before you consider the breaker broken make sure that it has not just tripped. Push the handle of the suspected breaker all the way over to the off position. If there was a bit of resistance when turning to the off position before going to the completely off position this is the breaker re setting. Now move the breaker handle to the on position. If you have the ability to check the voltage or the circuit restores voltage to receptacles that were without voltage then the breaker is good. If the breaker has no output voltage at all after following the above instructions, replace the breaker.

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Q: How do you know when a house panel box breaker is broken?
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How do you wire a two wire dome light?

Turn the power off to the circuit first at your Breaker/Fuse panel. Once you know that the circuit is dead, remove the old fixture. One of the 2 wires goes on the black, the other on the white. If there's a bare ground, ground that to the junction box where the fixture is going. Secure the fixture in place with the provided hardware, and turn the power back on at the breaker/fuse panel. If you did something wrong the breaker will trip/fuse will blow.

How much loss from power pole to 200 amp breaker box then off 400 feet then split at a pump house then another 30 feet to a 100 amp breaker box?

For an accurate calculation it will be necessary to know what the size of breaker exists in the pump house and what size conductors are used. Power loss is measured using actual amps required, not size of the circuit involved. But the size of circuit (breaker size) can be used. Voltage must also be known.

What size wire to hook up a 20kw electric furnace?

In order to properly size the wire per National Electric Code (NEC) standards you will need to know the amperage and the distance of the device (heater) from the source (circuit breaker panel). In order to know the amperage one would need to know the voltage since amperage changes inversely with voltage.

What causes a breaker to trip when nothing is running on the breaker?

If you unplugged the breaker and put it on the table and it tripped then it would be related to the internal mechanics of the breaker being under some tension causing it to trip. This is just to illustrate what it means to be really disconnected. What is likely is that somewhere in the circuit the Hot wire is shorted to neutral or ground. If you know where all the outlets are on the circuit you can disconnect them one at a time and see when the problem goes away. This can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. An electrician would have a meter and signal tracer that could find the problem much quicker and safer. One way an electrican might troubleshoot would be to remove the black wire from the breaker in panel and test resistance with a Volt=Ohm-Meter (VOM) to verify there is a short, and then trace the circuit through each outlet to find the short. The short could be internal to an outlet or switch, a short to a metal box, a screw or nail in the wire hidden in the wall, or any number of other reasons.

How do you wire from breaker to light fixture 1 to light switch 1 to Light switch 2 to light fixture 2?

If you are asking about typical house hold panel, switches and lights then you would get some 12/2 AWG Romex wire and run it to everything. You want to start your taps from the load end (the lights). Tap your neutral, hot and ground to the light fixture 2. on switch 2, tap the hot going to the light to the bottom pole of the switch. next take a piece of black wire only and tap it to the top pole of switch 2 and the top pole of switch one. Then tap the hot going to light 1 to the bottom pole of switch one. tap the 3 neutrals together and the grounds together. tap the hot, neutral, and ground to light 1. lay the neutral wire onto the neutral bar in the panel. Lay then ground wire to the ground wire in the panel. Lay the hot wire to the breaker in the panel. Make sure all connections and screws are tight but do not over tighten. If you do not have good knowledge or in doubt, do not work with any live circuits or in the panel. Electricity kills regardless the voltage or amperage. If you dont know what you are doing call a pro!

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Who can help me repair a broken window panel?

I have a window that is original to my house and the brand is nowhere on the window. A glass panel broke. Since I don't know the manufacturer, who should I contact to repair it?

How do I know if I have a 30 amp breaker at my house to plug a trailer into?

If it is a 30 amp breaker then it is a 240 volt outlet.

How do you add more breakers to a main supply panel?

New breakers can be purchased separately, and simply snapped into place in the modern breaker panels. Turn power off to panel before removing breaker panel plate. If you do not know what you're doing, save your life and hire an electrician to do it.

How do you know that a circuit breaker trips in your house?

If a certain circuit or area of you home has no electric but the rest does, it's a good indication that a breaker has tripped

Why does a 10 A circuit breaker have a 20 on it?

Seeing that you are from Illinois you should know that in North America there are no 10 amp distribution panel breakers.

How do you know the amperage rating of your house?

In the panel box (if there are circuit breakers) The top breaker or main should have a number on it like 100 or 150 or 200. This is the total amperage of the electric service in your house. I'm lucky, I see 300 on panel box but that's not enough. I sacrificed one bar for a one 120v for a outlet for my at&t. I need more amp slots for my house for a Nissan LEAF and save our troops.

How does a circuit breaker protect a home?

when someone breaks in your house the alarm will go off and you will know someone is in your home unless you had to breakin to your own house.

How do you safely reset the circuit breaker?

If you know what caused the breaker to trip then remove it from the circuit. Then open panel door and locate the tripped breaker as the one that is no longer in the full ON position. Some have a colored flag that appears when tripped. Now move the toggle to the full OFF position and then to the full ON position.

Can a breaker box remote or pulley be allowed to raise to any height being attached manually?

I know of no code restrictions on making a panel movable except that the panel must be accessible, meaning not requiring the removal of anything to get to it, and no breaker can be higher than 6' 7''. That pretty much eliminates the possibility of doing what you ask.

Who makes a replacement breaker for a Gould breaker?

Does anyone know what brand breaker replaces a Gould breaker???

How know if have a broken?

A broken what?

How do electric companies know how much electric you use?

They have a meter in between their power line and your electical supply line going to your home circuit breaker panel. "Look fer it!"

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