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When the numerator and denominator of the division do not have a common factor.

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Q: How do you know when to turn a division problem into a fraction?
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Related questions

How do you turn a division problem into a fraction?

two divided by four = 2/4

How do you turn a division answer into a fraction?

A fraction means division. The fraction is just the dividend/the divisor, and afteryou finish doing the division, the quotient you get is the value of the fraction.

How do you turn the remainder in division into a fraction?

Pie equals 3.417

How do you make a fraction on a fraction calculator?

You can turn the fraction to a decimal and then just add a decimal to where it is needed in the problem.

How do you turn a fractions into a percents?

Just realize the / in the fraction is actually a division sign, and when you divide those two numbers, you get a fraction.

How you turn a fraction to a percent without a calculator?

long division then move the decimal point

How do you turn a fraction in to a decimal?

The line in a fraction can be read as "divided by." Do the division. 3/4 = 3 divided by 4 = 0.75

How can you turn an improper fraction to a decimal?

It does not matter if it is a proper fraction or an improper one. The proper method is to carry out a long division, although you may be able to take short cuts if you know fractions of 10 or 100.

How do you turn a division into a decimal fraction?

You do a long division, adding decimal digits until you get a remainder of zero (terminating decimal) or a repeating pattern of decimal digits.

How do you turn a fraction into a decimal without using a calculator?

You should be familiar with long division involving decimals

How do you turn fraction to decmal?

Do the division. 3/4 = 3 divided by 4 = 0.75

Can you cross simplify in a division problem?

Yes you can but you have to turn you division into multiplication first. Remember to divide fraction you can multiply by the reciprocal. Example: 2/4 devided by 4/6 is solved by flipping the 4/6 and multiplying. So 2/4 decided by 4/6 = 2/4 times 6/4 You can cross simplify the multiplication problem.

How to do division smart brain?

Turn division to multiplication like this: 12 divided by 3 is 4 then turn it to 4 x 3 = 12 to check, just for people who do not know this.

How do you turn a fraction to decimal?

Divide it out by calculator or long division, ie 5/8 = 5 divided by 8 = 0.625

What do you turn the second fraction into in a dividing problem?

When dividing by a fraction, the second fraction (the divisor) is changed into its reciprocal by swapping the numerator and denominator over (turning it upside down) and then it is multiplied by the first number (fraction).

When you divide one fraction and another why do you have to turn it into a reciprocal?

To divide by a fraction, you multiply by its reciprocal. This is related to the facts that (1) division is the opposite of multiplication, and (2) a reciprocal is the multiplicative "opposite" of a number.

How do u divide fractions?

Step 1: rewrite the division problem as a multiplication Step 2: write the first fraction as is Step 3: turn the divisor (the second fraction) up-side-down (this is now a reciprocal) Step 4:follow the same steps as in multiplication steps

How do you turn 3 over 12 into a percent?

The fraction bar is a division sign. 3 over 12 is 3÷12 and that is 0.25

How do you turn a fraction into a percent and decimal?

Fraction to decimal: Do the division. 3/4 = 3 divided by 4 = 0.75 Decimal to percent: Multiply by 100. 0.75 = 75 percent

How does each multiplication problem compared to its corresponding division problem?

You can sort of turn the numbers around. For example:2 x 3 = 6 6 / 3 = 2

How do you convert a negative mixed number into a decimal?

If you know how to turn a mixed number into a fraction and a fraction into a decimal do that then make it negative.

How do you turn a quotient into a mixed number in simplest form?

You do an integer division. The result of the division will be the whole number; put the remainder above the second number (the number you are dividing by). Simplify the resulting fraction in the usual way.

How do you turn into a fraction?

The answer depends on what you want to turn into a fraction. And, incidentally, I do not turn into a fraction.

How do turn 0.625 into a fraction?

How to turn 0.625 into a fraction

How do you turn 10 into a fraction?

how do you turn 10% into a fraction