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form triangles side by side

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Q: How do you make 10 triangles with 5 toothpicks?
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Make 5 triangles with 10 toothpicks?

arrange them like the Chrysler logo

How do you make five triangles with ten toothpicks?

You can make 5 triangles out of 9 toothpicks. With 6 toothpicks, make a large triangle with 2 toothpicks for each side. Now, take individual toothpicks, and make a smaller triangle inside the larger one by joining the midpoints of the sides of the previous triangle. (The vertices of the smaller triangle are the midpoints of the sides of the larger one).

How many toothpicks are needed to make a 2 triangles?

5 or 6 Depending on what shape you are thinking of

How do you make 5 squares out of twelve toothpicks?

# Make a plus sign with 4 toothpicks. # Make a large square around the plus sign with the remaining toothpicks (2 toothpicks per side) You now have 4 small squares inside 1 large square... total of 5 squares.

How many triangles can be formed with 5 vertices?

10 triangles....

How many toothpicks are needed to make a one pentagon?


How many rhombuses and triangles make a trapezoid?

1 rhombus 4-5 triangles

How do you use 9 toothpicks to form 5 triangles?

Make a triangle, each of whose sides is 2 matchsticks long. This uses six matchsticks. Join the middle points of the sides of this triangle to one another - using another three match sticks. You will then have four small triangles and one large one.

When 5 triangles are combined how many corners?

10 corners daaa

Are all right-angled triangles congruent?

No.Examples:The right angled triangles {3, 4, 5} & {6, 8, 10} are similar;The right angled triangles {3, 4, 5} & {5, 12, 13} are just two right angled triangles.

How do you make 5 triangles from a pentagon with 2 lines?

you can't

How many triangles in a star?

there are 10 triangles in a star. Not just 5. That really depends on how many points are on the star in question.

Are all similar triangles congruent?

No. For example the triangles with sides {3, 4, 5} and {6, 8, 10} are similar but not congruent.

How many triangles in a pentagram?

The pentagram includes ten isosceles triangles: five acute and five obtuse.

How do you make a 5 piece tangram hexagon?

All you have to use is the five triangles. The two large triangles make a square in the middle, the two small triangles make a large triangle on one side and the middle triangle on the other side.

How you can make the triangle with 5 pattern blocks?

Two trapezoids and three triangles

How many triangles in a heptergon?

There are 5 triangles in a heptagon

How many triangles does a heptagon have?

A heptagon has 5 triangles.

How many triangles a heptagon have?

A heptagon has 5 triangles.

How many sides do 5 decagons and 4 triangles have altogether?

A decagon has ten sides and a triangle has three, so 5 decagons and 4 triangles have (5*10)+(4*3) = 62 sides altogether.

How many triangles can a 7 sided polygon have?

It can have 5 triangles

How many rectangular pyramids can you make using these 5 shapes 4 triangles and 1 rectangle?

You can make 6

Two Pythagoras triangles with area equal to perimeter?

5, 12, 13 and 6, 8, 10

How many triangles are there in the following diagram of a 5-corned star?

10 par kaise nahi pata

What shape has 5 congruent triangles 6 vertices 10 edges and pentagon base?

A pentagonal pyramid