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(44 - 4)/4

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โˆ™ 2010-10-10 16:00:22
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Q: How do you make 10 using four 4s and only plus - x and division?
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Can you make 9 using only four 2s?


How do you make the numbers 0 50 using only four 4s?

how do i make 17 using only 2 4 6 8

How can 124or 8 using division to get 0?

You cannot get 0 using only those numbers and division.

How do you get 3 while only using four 4s and the addition subtraction division and multiplication symbol once?

((4*4)-4)/+4 = 3

How do you make 11 only using 4 4s?

if you want to make eleven using only four 4s, this is the answer 4/.4+4/4(=10 + 1= 11) TA DA !

What is 145.992 using only four significant figures?

145.992 using only four significant figures is 146.0

How do you make 27 from 1 3 4 9 using each number once and only addition multiplication and division?


How do you make an equivalent expression to 64 using only three sevens parentheses an exponent of two addition and division?


What is 21600 using only four significant figures?

21,600 using only four significant figures is still 21,600.

How do you convert a fraction to a decimal without using long division?

The only other way is to have a machine do the long division for you.

How do you make 31 using only the number 4?

As a solution to the four fours problem (using the number four no more than four times to come up with the solution, 31 is equal to (4!+4)/4+4!

Can you make 11 using only four 2s?

Yes: 2 x 2 x 2 + 2!

How do you make 11-20 using only four 4's?

(-4) - (4) - (4/4)

How do you make the numbers 0-50 only using four 3s?

You can't unless something is missing in your question.

How do you make 4 using only four 4's?

4! - (4 x 4) - 4 = 4

How many ways to make 15 using only four 4s?

(4 * 4) - (4/4) equals 15.

How do you make 24 with 7932 and only using -x and division?

(-7 -9)*(-3)/2 = (-16)*(-3)/2 = 48/2 = 24

Are the Oakland Raiders the only team to sweep their division and not make the playoffs?

Yes, as of 2014, the Oakland Raiders are the only team to gave swept their division and not make the playoffs which occurred in 2010.

How many mitotic divisions to get 10 cells?

At least four. First division produces two cells. Second division produces four. Third division produces eight cells. Fourth division produces sixteen cells. If out of these eight cells of third mitotic division only two cells divide further then we will have 10 cells.

Is it possible to make an expression which is equivalent to twenty using only three three's and any math operation?

No. You need at least four.

How do you make 10 using only four 4's?

44 divided by 4.4 or (44 - 4) divided by 4

How can I make the number 4 using four sevens only?

How about 4 times 7 is 28 and 8 divded by 2 is 4

How do you get 29 by using only four 4's?

Assuming you can only use the four basic operations, this is impossible.

How do you make the numbers 0-100 using using only 4 4s?

Google "Four Fours" and you will find a number of solutions, presented more comprehensively than we can.

Can division make a number larger?

Only if you are dividing by a decimal or a fraction.

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