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A square has 4 sides therefore 3 squares from 12 toothpicks will simply be three unconnected squares

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Q: How do you make 3 squares with 12 toothpicks?
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How do you make 6 squares with 12 toothpicks?

You make 3-D! Look... 6 squares in one cube and you can do that with toothpicks too!

How do you move 3 toothpicks from 4 squares to make 3 squares?


How do you Move 4 toothpicks from 4 squares to make 3 squares?


How do you move three lines from four squares to make three squares of equal size?

Is this question supposed to have 12 toothpicks to make 4 squares and then move 3 toothpicks to make 3 equal sized squares? Answer depends on the restrictions. Just move 3 sticks from any square to form a straight vertical or horizontal line up of squares is one option if there is no restrictions other than the three resulting squares are equal sizes.

How do you make 4 triangle with 12 toothpicks?

You make a triangle with 3 toothpicks( /_\ ), and then 3 more triangles just like the first one.

How do you make 3 squares with 8 toothpicks?

2 on the top and 2 on both sides and 2 on the bottom

Take 4 toothpicks and arrange them differently to have 3 squares?


Can 10 toothpicks be used to form 3 congruent squares?


How can you take away 8 toothpicks and have 3 squares left?


How do you make a square out of 3 toothpicks?

break the toothpicks and you've doubled your amount of toothpicks

How do you use 10 toothpicks to form 3 congruent squares?

Use the image contained below for a reference.

How can you take 9 toothpicks and make ten without breaking the toothpicks?

Arrange the 9 toothpicks thus: 7 + 3

Ho do you prove the formula for the area of a rectangle?

Use squares and try it out for yourself. Get a number of squares and make a rectangle 3 squares long by 4 squares wide. Count the squares. You should have 12 squares (or 3*4). That's the best way I know to prove the formula.

How many squares can you make with 3 squares?

You can make three squares

How many vertices does a square triangle have?

3 squares and 4 triangles will have 24 vertices. There will be 4 vertices for each of the 3 squares. Since there are 3 squares, that will be 12 vertices. There are 3 vertices for each of the 4 triangles. Since there are 4 triangles, that will be 12 vertices. 12+12=24.

How many squares in a 3 by 4 grid?

12 squares.

If you have 5 squares remove 3 lines to make 4 squares but keep the 3 lines within the 4 squares?

So whats the question? If i had 5 squares remove 3 lines to make 4 squares but keep the 3 lines within the 4 squares what?

If i have 12 matches how do i move them to make 3 equal squares?

A sort of triangle of squares. Lay out 3 squares side by side using 10 matches. Take the middle match from the bottom row and use it and the other two to make a square based on the middle match of the top row.

How do you turn 12 tooth pics from 4 squares to 3 squares?

12 toothpics making 4 squares would be: ._ _ |_|_| |_|_| Turning this into 3 squares requires 3 tooth pics to be moved to make (ignore the dots, they're just to line things up!) ._ ...._ |_|_|_| ...|_|

If you had 15 toothpicks could you make 3 congruent hexagons?


How do you make a 3 d figure with 6 toothpicks and 4marshmallows?

-- eat 3 marshmallows -- give away the toothpicks -- the remaining marshmallow is a 3-d figure all by itself

A set has 12 squares which is the number of squares in one third of a set?


How many rows are in a Hershey chocolateBAR?

There are 12 squares. It can be notes as 4 rows across with 3 squares in each, or as 3 rows down with 4 squares in each.

How do you use 10 toothpicks to make 3 congruent squares?

Since every square has 4 sides and you only have 10 toothpicks, obviously you can't have the squares be separate. You will need exactly 2 toothpicks to overlap. Once you realize that, there are two shapes that are possible and can be rotated to make a total of 6 different solutions. A straight line (vertical or horizontal): = = = | | | | = = = Or an L-shape (forwards, backwards, and upside-down forwards and backwards): = | | = = | | | = = Sorry that these don't look quite right, the formatting is getting screwed up.

How do you make 3 squares by taking 1 stick out?

First lay out 13 sticks to make 3 squares with a sick over. Then take 1 stick out. What is left is 3 squares. Simple!