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You make a triangle with 3 toothpicks( /_\ ), and then 3 more triangles just like the first one.

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Q: How do you make 4 triangle with 12 toothpicks?
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How do you make 3 squares with 12 toothpicks?

A square has 4 sides therefore 3 squares from 12 toothpicks will simply be three unconnected squares

How do you make 4 squares with 12 toothpicks?

Kind of hard to draw on here, but first you make a plus sign using 4 toothpicks, then you make a box using the remaining 8 around the plus sign: ___ ___ | | | ___ ___ | | | ___ ___

How can you remove 4 toothpicks from 16 toothpicks to get 4 congruent triangles?

Fuor toothpicks from 16 leave 12 which, by coincidence (?) is exactly enough for four equilateral triangles!

How do you make 5 squares out of twelve toothpicks?

# Make a plus sign with 4 toothpicks. # Make a large square around the plus sign with the remaining toothpicks (2 toothpicks per side) You now have 4 small squares inside 1 large square... total of 5 squares.

How do you Move 4 toothpicks from 4 squares to make 3 squares?


How do you make 2 squares and 4 triangles from 8 toothpicks?

make a circle

Can 9 toothpicks s be used to form 4 congruent triangles?

Yes. Make one triangle using hree matches. Underneath the two vertices at the base of this triangle, make another two triangles, using six more matches. You will find that there is an inverted triangle in the middle - the fourth.

How do you make 2 squares and 4 triangles using 8 toothpicks?

Make a two by two grid with six toothpicks, and then place the other two toothpicks at a 45 degree angle on the corner of two of the squares.

How do you move 3 toothpicks from 4 squares to make 3 squares?


What is the of a triangle that has a base of 12'' and a height of 4''?

Area of triangle = 1/2 base times height1/2 * 12 * 4 = 24

What is the area of a triangle with a base of 12 inches and a height of 4 inches?

Area of triangle: 0.5*12*4 = 24 square inches

What is a 4 triangle's make?

A rhombus.

How many different triangle's will a triangle always be able to make?


How do you make 4 triangles with 6 toothpicks?

using four of them you make a square then using the remaining two make a criss cross in the middle of the square.

Can a trapezoid make a triangle?

No because a trapezoid has 4 sides and a triangle has three if a trapezoid had three then it would be a triangle. If you had 3 trapezoids you could make a triangle!

Are of a triangle with base 6 inches and a height of 4 inches?

Area of the triangle: 0.5*6*4 = 12 square inches

How long is the perimeter of a triangle with each side 4 cm?

The perimeter of the equilateral triangle is 3 times 4 = 12 cm

How do you move 2 toothpicks to make 2 squares from 4?

You arrange 12 toothpicks into a large square, subdivided into four squares : 2 toothpicks on each side and four more, one each from the middle of the sides to the center of the large square. Now you have four (small) squares. Take away 2 adjacent toothpicks from the ones in the center, and you have 2 squares : one remaining small one and the large one that has the small one inside it. (see related link)

What is the area of a triangle with base6 height4?

The area of triangle is : 12.0

Kiley had a piece of bamboo skewer that measured 14 35 inches long. She wanted to cut it into toothpicks that were each 3 15 inches long. How many toothpicks can she make?

Are these numbers decimals? Is it 14.35 inches and 3.15 inches? If that is the case, then 14.35/3.15 = 4.56 or 4 toothpicks.

What 4 identical shapes make triangle?

Four equilateral triangles make up another equilateral triangle.

Do these three sides make a right triangle 4 4 8?


How do you remove 2 toothpicks to make 5 boxes into 4?

assuming by boxes you mean squares in two dimensions its easy. Make the five boxes all next to each other so they share sides then remove two toothpicks here the top and bottom of a middle box and you are left with 4.

What is the length of an equilateral triangle if the perimeter is 12 feet?

4 feet

Take 4 toothpicks and arrange them differently to have 3 squares?