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5.5 percent into a fraction = 55/1000

5.5% = 5.5%/100% * 10/10 = 55/1000 in fraction

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Q: How do you make 5 .5 percent into a fraction?
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How do you make 500 percent into a fraction?


How do you make 5 percent into fraction?

5/100 or 1/20

How do you write 5 percent as a fraction?

Write 5 percent as a fraction is 5/100.

0.05 as a percent and as a fraction?

0.05 as percent is 5% 0.05 as fraction is 5/100

What is 5 percent in a simplified fraction?

5 percent in a simplified fraction is: 1/20

0.6 as a fraction and as a percent?

Fraction: 3/5 Percentage: 60 percent

What is 5 pecent as a fraction?

1/20 is the fraction for 5 percent.

What 580 percent as a fraction?

29/5 as an improper fraction or 5 and 4/5 as a mixed fraction

What is the decimal fraction equivalent to 5 percent?

5 percent = 0.05

What percent and fraction of 5 percent?

5% = 0.05 or 1/20

What is the fraction to 60 percent?

fraction of 60 percent is 60/100=3/5

What is 5 percent as a decimal and fraction?

decimal= 0.05 fraction= 5/100

How do you put 5 percent into a fraction?

since percent is actually a fraction out of 100, 5% in a fraction would be 5/100, but if you want it reduced, it would be 1/20.

How can you make a fraction into a percent?

You make the denominator of the fraction into 100 and then take the numerator and put a percent sign next to it. Now you have a percent.

What is the fraction for 5 percent?

If you received a 5 percent on a test that just means for every 100 questions you got 5 right so a fraction of 5 percent would be: 5/100 so if you simplify that fraction you get --> 1/20

What is the fraction of five percent?

5 percent = 5/100 or 1/20

Rewrite the percent as a fraction in lowest terms 5 percent?

5 percent you write as 5% then you put it into a decimal as .5. Then wite it as a fraction as 5 over 10. Then reduce by 5 then you get one half.

How do you change 60 percent into a fraction?

60 percent into a fraction is 60/100 or 3/5.

What you 0.625 as a fraction and a percent?

fraction: 5/8 percent- just multiply by 100: 62.5%

How do make 180 percent a fraction or mixed number?

180% = 1.80 = 9/5 = (1 and 4/5)

What fraction is 50 percent percent?

1/2 .5

How do you simplify 120 percent as a fraction?

120 percent as a fraction = 6/5120% = 120%/100% or 6/5 in fraction

What is 480 percent as a decimal and fraction?

480 percent as a decimal and fraction =4.8 as a decimal48/10 or 24/5 as a fraction

Write as fraction or as a mixed number 20percent-?

20 percent is 0.2 in decimals thus it is 1/5 as a fraction.

What is 480 percent as a fraction in simplest form?

480 percent as a fraction in simplest form is 4 4/5 or 24/5