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It's really simple- A STAR! I was trying to figure it out and was just like OMG! Easy-peasy

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Q: How do you make 5 triangles with 5 straight lines?
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How do you make 5 triangles from a pentagon with 2 lines?

you can't

How do you make 5 triangles on a pentagon with 2 lines?

Select any vertex and draw 2 lines to the two opposite vertices.

How many straight lines are there in a pentagon?

there are 5 straight lines

How do you make 5 triangles out of 5 lines?

Simple: Draw a star! It took my friend 3 YEARS TO FIGURE IT OUT :0

Is a pentagram a polygon?

No it is not. A polygon is a plane space enclosed by straight lines. A pentgram is not one enclosed space but 6 spaces - a pentagon and 5 triangles.

How can you plant 10 trees in 5 straight lines so that there are 4 trees in each line?

Impossible. If there MUST be 5 straight lines, then there can only be 2 trees in each line. This gives 5 straight lines with 2 trees each (or 2 straight lines with 5 trees each) ** ** ** ** **

How do you make 5 triangles with 9 line?

I get 9 triangle with fewer than 9 lines. Draw a square: ABCD (4 lines) Draw the diagonals AC, BD (2 lines) which meet at X in the centre. On a separate part of the page, draw triangle PQR (3 lines). That is 4 + 2 + 3 = 9 lines. The triangles are: ABC, BCD, CDA, DAB, AXB, BXC, CXD, DXA, and PQR 9 triangles with 9 lines. Could have done 13 triangles with 7 lines by drawing a line from A to BC.

How many straight lines does a square have?

A square has four straight lines.

How do you make 10 triangles with 5 toothpicks?

form triangles side by side

Uses of straight lines in daily life?

straight r used in many cases in our daily life- 1. straight lines r used 2 make quadrilaterals___ mean many properties r taken 4m it for art ,design and architecture 2.straight lines r used 2 make columns to differentiate our works. 3.straight r used to represent many data in graph. 4.straight lines r used to write. 5.we do straight cutting.

How many triangles are in a 5 point circle?

This question is hard to answer because the poster isn't clear on what a "5 point circle" is. I'll answer one possibility, and then if I interpreted it wrong, the poster can come back and clarify. Suppose you pick five points on the circumference of a circle and connect them all up with straight lines. You'll create a spiderweb of lines that has lots of triangles in it. How many triangles are there, exactly? Since some of the triangles overlap and cross others, it's a little hard to know what to count. If you count all triangular regions, whether or not they overlap other triangles, you get thirty. Please let me know if any of my assumptions was wrong.

How many triangles does a hepagon have?

The word is heptagon. A heptagon has 7 sides and 7 corners. If you join corners by straight lines from one corner to another corner you will find 5 triangles, but if you join all corners to a point in the centre you will find 7 triangles. The Heptathlon in athletics is a contest in which the participants must compete in 7 different athletic forms of athletics.