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0.5 into a fraction

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Q: How do you make a 0.5 into a fraction?
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What is the equivalent fraction to 05?

05 is an integer. An equivalent fraction is 5/1

What is .05 as a fraction?

.05 as a fraction is 5/100. In simplest terms it is 1/20.

What is 05 to fraction?

0.05 to fraction = 5/100

Change .05 into a fraction?

.05 = 5/100

What is 05 written as a fraction?

I assume this question is a typo (since "05" can not be expressed as a fraction. However, if "05" = 0.5, then the fraction is 1/2. If "05" = .05, then the fraction is 1/20 (reduced from 5/100).

What is .05 in fractions?

.05 as a fraction is 1/20 in its simplest form

What is the fraction of 05?


What is -.05 as a fraction?


How do you get .05 into a fraction?


What is .05?

.05 is the same as 0.05 and as a fraction in its simplest form it is 1/20

What is 05 in fraction form?


What is .05 converted into a fraction?


What is the fraction equivalent of .05?


What is .05 written as a fraction?


What Decimal fraction is equivalent to 5 percent?


What is .05 in fraction and percent?

1/20 or 5%

How do you make -7.08 a fraction?

how to make -7.08 a fraction

What is the fraction for 05?


What does .05 equals?

As a fraction in its lowest terms it is: 1/20

How do you make 0.45 a fraction?

the way you make it into a fraction is 45/100

How do you make a fraction into a dismal?

To make a fraction into a decimal, you divide the numerator of the fraction by the denominator. The numerator is the number on top, and the denominator is the number on the bottom of the fraction.

Define simplest form of a fraction?

Simplest form of a fraction, is the smallest fraction you can make. Say you have the fraction 25/50 you can make that 5/20 then 1/4. The simplest form is 1/4. You CAN NOT make 1/4 a smaller fraction.

How do you make a whole number into a fraction -?

You can make any whole number into a fraction by putting it over 1.

What is the fraction for 0.(05)?

0.05 is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. Its rational equivalent is 5/100 which can be simplified. But simplification means that you lose information about the precision of the fraction.

What does .05 equal as a common fraction?

It is: 0.05 = 1/20 in its lowest terms