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Q: How do you make a magic set editor symbol?
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How On magic set editor how do you get chaotic cards?

You can not. They are not part of Magic the Gathering.

Can you print your cards in magic set editor?


What program can you download to make your own magic cards?

Magic Set Editor (free to download at is very good, with many intuitive and helpful features.

What siz in pixels should an image be for Magic Set Editor?

With Magic Set Editor, you really don't have to worry about it being too big or anything like that. There's a built-in tool that allows you to resize the image.

How do you tell what series of magic the gathering cards it is?

On all magic cards from "Exodus" (circa 1999) to present, there is a small symbol at the bottom right of the illustration that signifies what set a magic card is from. The trick is being able to put a name to each different symbol.

How do you put watermarks on cards in the Magic Set Editor?

you left click on thew border between the text space and the bottom colored border.

How do you identify a card to be rare uncommon or common?

On Magic: the Gathering cards, there is a set symbol on the right of the card, just under the image. Early sets of cards do not have a set symbol (Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, Fourth Edition and Fifth Edition) All cards that were released the Exodus set do not have rarity associated to the symbol, the symbol is just black. All sets from Exodus up, the set symbol is either Black (Common), Silver (Uncommon) Gold (Rare) or the new orange (Mythic Rare).

What is in a magic set?

a magic set is full of tools for magicians so they could do special magic tricks kristen mathieu

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Is there a chaotic card maker where you can design your own cards?

there is a free program called magic set editor it is a card making program that can support many different card games including chaotic even though it only comes with vs. system, magic the gathering, and yu-gi-oh! templates you can download many more templates for different games here are the links the magic set editor site: the chaotic template: other templates:

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