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import java.util.*;

public class Calculator


public static void main(String args[])


System.out.println("Make your arithmetic selection from the choices below:\n");

System.out.println(" 1. Addition");

System.out.println(" 2. Subtraction");

System.out.println(" 3. Multiplication");

System.out.println(" 4. Division\n");

System.out.print(" Your choice? ");

Scanner kbReader = new Scanner(;

int choice = kbReader.nextInt();

if((choice<=4) && (choice>0))


System.out.print("\nEnter first operand. ");

double op1 = kbReader.nextDouble();

System.out.print("\nEnter second operand.");

double op2 = kbReader.nextDouble();


switch (choice)


case 1: //addition

System.out.println(op1 + " plus " + op2 + " = " + (op1 + op2) );


case 2: //subtraction

System.out.println(op1 + " minus " + op2 + " = " + (op1 - op2) );


case 3: //multiplication

System.out.println(op1 + " times " + op2 + " = " + (op1 * op2) );


case 4: //division

System.out.println(op1 + " divided by " + op2 + " = " + (op1 / op2) );





System.out.println("Please enter a 1, 2, 3, or 4.");




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Q: How do you make a scientific calculator program in java?
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