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Q: How do you make an o with a vertical line through it on the keyboard?
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How do you make a ball in autodesk inventor?

Draw a circle, draw a vertical line through it, trim half the circle and ends of the line, and revolve the semicircle with the line as the axis.

Why do parallel lines always make vertical angles?

Wrong statement. Parallel lines don't always make vertical angles without the transversal, the line that passes through these lines. Without the transversal, we can't make the conclusion that parallel lines form vertical angles.

How do you divide a circle into 7 parts?

Make a horizontal line and vertical line through the circle. You now have 4 parts. Make a line from the center to the edge of the circle in 3 of these parts and you now have 7 parts.

How do you make a vertical line?

Simply use a ruler and do an equally line

What points make a vertical line on a graph?

any points along the line described by the equation x=anything will give you a vertical line on a graph

How do you make a vertical line on a calculter?

You need to use a graphing calculator.Go to: Y = > Y = (type any number) > GraphYour line will be VERTICAL!!!!!!!!!|||||||||||||

The vertical number line used to make a graph?


How do you make a stickman?

1) draw a circle 2) put on line from bottom of circle 3) put horizontal line through line as long as the other one 3) from bottom of vertical line put two lines 90

How do you make an equation with an undefined slope?

undefined slope is vertical. the equation of a vertical line is x=a , where a is the x intercept

How do you draw argyle?

1st- make a diagonal criss-cross pattern. It should end up as a lot of diamonds. 2nd- draw x's through each diamond. 3rd- color a vertical line of diamonds, leave the next vertical line white- repeat until finished

How do you make a uppercase h?

you draw a straight line horizontally ( up then down ) then draw a vertical ( sideways ) attached to the horizontal line and draw another horizontal line on the other end of the vertical line it looks like this H

What graphs use vertical or horizontal bars to make comparisons?

Line graph