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For example, by adding 1 + 1 + 1 ... (a total of 100 times).

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Q: How do you make numbers 1-9 equal 100 by using only addition?
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What two same numbers equal 330 in addition with sentences to make them equal?

165 + 165 = 330

How many different times can you make 150 using 3 square numbers?

If the only operation is addition, then 3.

How do you make 36 using subtraction division multiplication and addition and brackets by using the numbers 2 7 4 3?

It is: 23+(4*7) = 36.

How can I make a square using the numbers 1-12 and all sides equal 26. square is 4 numbers by 4 numbers.?

Impossible, as there are not enough numbers to cover all squares.

What numbers make 82 in addition?


How many combinations to make 40 by using the numbers 12 and 4?

Assuming that the only permitted operation is addition, then there are 4 combinations.

What are two consecutive numbers equal to 406?

Addition of two consecutive positive integers will always make an odd number. Therefore, this is an impossible sum.

How can you make 8 5 6 7 equal 13 using addition subtraction multiplication or division?


How many numbers can you make with the numbers 480523 and using all the numbers?

By simply re-ordering the digits, you can get 500 6-digit numbers, excluding those starting with 0. There are thousands more that can be made using mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation, factorials and so on.

How can you make 7 7 6 5 equal 24 using addition subtraction multiplication or division?


How can you make 9 7 1 8 equal 24 using addition subtraction multiplication or division?


How can you make 8 8 7 5 equal 24 using addition subtraction multiplication or division?


How can you make 5 5 5 5 equal 2 using addition subtraction multiplication or division?

5/5 + 5/5 = 2.

How many 4 digit odd numbers can you make using numbers 1 to 5 without repeating?

4p3*3p1 equal to 72 ways

How can you make 7 7 7 4 equal 24 using addition subtraction multiplication or division?

5748893 68549 48984 666477 78843 445

How many whole numbers can you make using the first three whole numbers?

Using 1, 2, and 3, you can make 27 whole numbers.

How many different ways can you make 38 using addition?

Infinitely many. Assuming you want the addition of only two numbers: Choose ANY number for the first number, then calculate 38 minus that number, to obtain the second number.

What are four consecutive odd numbers that equal thirteen?

2 odd numbers added together equal an event number. to even numbers added together equal an even number. it is impossible to make 4 odd numbers equal an even.

How can you make the numbers using 4 numbers?


When two numbers you add together are switched to make a new equation what is this called?

It is called the commutativity of addition of numbers.

You will need to combine some numbers to form multi-digit numbers but you may not rearrange the order of the numbers How do you make 123456789 equal 100 only using 1 plus sign and 2 minus signs?


Numbers 0-9 once to make three separate addition problems in succession?


A stable atom has equal numbers of?

Having an equal number of anything does not make an atom stable.

How many different ways can you make 2 using addition?


What is problem solving using addition?

it is about from how our money make it go bigger