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2 dimes, 15 nickels, 5 pennies

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Q: How do you make one dollar using 22 coins and 3 times as many nickels as pennies?
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How many times does 6 pennies go into a dollar?

6 pennies go into a dollar about 16 times

How many times do pennies nickels dimes and quarters go into 1?

pennies - 100 nickels - 20 dimes - 10 quarters - 4

What is ratio to nickels to quarters in a dollar?

A dollar is 100 cents, a quarter is 25 cents, and a nickel is 5 cents. Thus a dollar is composed of 4 (100/25) quarters, or 20 (100/5) nickels. Therefore there are 5 times as many nickels in a dollar as there are quarters. Another way to look at it is to say that there are 5 nickels in a quarter, so there are 5 times as many nickels as quarters in any amount.

How many nickels in four dollars?

There are 20 nickels in 1 dollar. 4 times 20 is 80. So, there are 80 nickels in 4 dollars.

How many times can you make one dollar with seven coins?

3 quarters, 1 dime, 3 nickels 2 quaters, 5 dimes 1 Fifty Cent Piece, 4 dimes, 2 nickels 1 Fifty Cent Piece, 1 quarter, 5 nickels

How many pennies would it take to save nine thousand dollars?

100 pennies in a dollar times 9000 or 900,000 pennies

How many 10.00 are in one million pennies?

100 pennies = $1.00 so 10 times as many pennies = 10 times as many dollars 1000 pennies = ten dollar bill 1,000,000 pennies/1,000 = 1,000 ten dollar bills (aka $10,000.00)

How many pennies are in two dollars?

There are 100 pennies in one dollar, so two dollars is two times 100, or 200 pennies.

How can you make a .55 with 12 coins?

Three times, four nickles, and five pennies.

How much is 7 quarters 5 dimes 3 nickels and 4 pennies?

7 quarters equals out to $1.75. 5 times equals out to $0.50. 3 nickels equals out to $0.15. 4 pennies equals out to $0.04. All together they would equal $2.44.

How many pennies in one million dollars?

I million times 100 (100 pennies in a dollar...)= 100 000 000

How many times can you make 10 cents with 10 coins?

Only once. You'd need 10 pennies. Using 10 dimes would equal $1. Using 10 nickels would be $0.50. Using 10 quarters would be $2.50.

How much money is 7 quarters 10 dimes 10 nickels and 17 pennies?

7 Quarters= $0.25 times 7= $1.75 10 Dimes= $0.10 times 10= $1.00 10 Nickels= $0.05 times 10= $0.50 17 Pennies= $0.01 times 17= $0.17 So in total you would have $3.42

Are coins magnetic?

Coins made of steel, iron or nickel would normally be magnetic. Exceptions are alloys, where the exact composition determines whether the charges of the atoms align (there are magnetic and non-magnetic variants of stainless steel).During World War II, US pennies were made of zinc-plated steel, and hence were magnetic. US nickels (5 cents) are 75% copper and 25% nickel, and are not magnetic, and neither are the "clad" copper-sandwich coins or the "gold" dollar coins (which are brass).Canadian nickels have been made of magnetic alloys several times, most recently 99% nickel from 1954 to 1981, and coated steel since 2000. From 1982 to 1999, Canada used the same copper-nickel alloy that US nickels are made of.

How manny pennys in 43000 dollars?

1 dollar equals 100 pennies 43000 times 100 equals.........4,300,000 pennies

How many pennies to make 20 dollars?

2,000 pennies in 20 dollars (100 in 1 dollar times 20)(100x20 equals 2,000)

Aaron has 100 coins all of which are nickels dimes and quarters that together are worth 13.00 He has 3 times as many nickels as dimes How many of each type of coin does Aaron have?

He has jillian.

Robert found 24 coins one-third of them were pennies one-fourth of them were nickels and one-sixth of them were dimes and the rest were quarters. Tell how many of each coin Robert found?

You just have to take this one step at a time. Start out with the first part:One-third of them were pennies. So of the 24 coins, a third of them were pennies. Multiply 1/3 by 24 and you get eight.One-fourth of them were nickels. 1/4 times 24 is Six.One-sixth of them were dimes. 1/6 times 24 is Four.And the rest were Quarters. Add up the total number of coins you have already (8+6+4=18) and then subtract that from 24. You answer is 24-18=6So, you have:Eight PenniesSix NickelsFour DimesSix Quarters

How much does 100.00 in nickels weigh?

One nickel weighs 5 grams. 20 nickels to a dollar times 100 dollars is 10,000 grams, or 10 kilograms, or about 22 pounds.

A vending machine takes only nickels and dimes. There are 5 times many dimes as nickels in the machine. The face value of the coins is 4.40. How many of each coin are in the machine?

40 Dimes and 8 Nickles

How do you know if a coin is worth anything?

With US coins there are easy ways to know if your coin is worth more than face value. If it is a Quarter or Dime with a date of 1964 or earlier, it is silver and worth several times face value. If you have a Half-dollar dated 1964 or earlier it is 90% silver and worth many times face value. If you have a Half-dollar dated 1965-1970 they are 40% silver and are worth a few dollars. As for pennies, even common-date wheat pennies are worth at least 2 or 3 cents with some being worth hundreds of dollars in high grades. Nickels made between 1942-1945 with a large P, D, or S above the Monticello on the reverse are worth several times face value because they are 35% silver. Any coin that has a design different than usual, such as buffalo nickels are also worth more than face value.

Did people in the olden times engrave pictures on English Pennies?

The first English Pennies were produced around 780 AD and were made from gold. The Canterbury Mint where the coins were minted, often put writing and runes or designs on the coins. A little while later, they began to put images of the King on the coins.

What was the currency in the Victorian times?

The currency in the Victorian times were pounds. Other coins were: pennies, shillings, halpennies (hay-p'ny) and some others!

Is it a dollar bill or a dollar note?

Both terms are correct. Most of the world refers to paper currency as "notes" and from a strict viewpoint, so does the US Treasury. But common usage in the US is to call them "bills". It's just like the way we all call 1¢ coins "pennies" even though the last true 1-penny coins were minted during colonial times.

What 1 dollar coins are legal tender and are available in 2009?

All one dollar coins minted in the USA are legal tender and are available in 2009. However, dollar coins which contain silver are valued at many times their face value and using them for legal tender, while possible, is not wise. The new dollar coins in the Presidential series which are available at varius times during 2009, depending upon their release date, are William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James K. Polk and Zachary Taylor.