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Q: How do you maser water volume in tank?
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What is the formula to work out the volume of a water tank?

It depends on the shape of the tank.

A rectangular tank is 4m long 3m wide 1.5m deep. it is filled with water upto o.6m. how many rectangular stones of size 15cm10cm8cm can be dropped in it so that water rises upto the top?

WELL, The volume of the tank is 4*3*1.5=18m3. The volume of a rectangular stone is 0.15*0.1*0.08=0.0012m3. To raise the water to the top, the volume of stones that occupy the tank must be equal to the remaining space unfilled by water. That is, Volume of stones to be dropped = Volume of Tank - Volume of water in the tank. Now the Volume of water in the tank is 0.6*4*3=7.2m3. Empty space in tank = 18 - 7.2 m3 = 10.8m3. To get the number of stones to be dropped to fill this empty volume, Number of stones = Volume of empty space / volume of a stone. = 10.8 / 0.0012 = 9000.

Given that the density of water is 1000 kg m3 what mass of water does the tank contain?

You would also have to know the volume of the tank.You would also have to know the volume of the tank.You would also have to know the volume of the tank.You would also have to know the volume of the tank.

If a water tank is 60 percent full and the capacity in the tank is 325 liters. What is the volume of water in the tank?

195: 60% = 0.60; (0.60)(325) = 195.

A rectangular tank measures 150cm x 100cm x 50cm it is filled with water to a height of 30cm an object is placed in the tank the water is now at the height of 36.2cm what is the volume of the object?

If the object hsa sunk the volume is equal to the volume of water displaced If the tank is 50 cm high, the volume is 150x100x (36.2-30) = 93000 cubic centimeters

What would happen to the volume of the tank if it were not strong enough to withstand the pressure under water?

The volume would decrease because the tank would implode

How do you get your volume?

step 1: get a water tank, larger than the bathtub in bathroom, smaller than a swimming pool. step 2: make calibrations of volume on the tank, i.e. water level indicator. step 3: fill water in it, enough to drown you completely, take reading of the water level then. say R1. step 4: get into the tank, without splashing water, make sure no water spills out of tank. submerge completely with head also inside the water. take reading(ask someone to do so). say R2. R2-R1= your volume. the difference in volume is your body volume.

What is The radius of a cylindrical water tank is 6 ft and its height is 11 ft . What is the volume of the tank?


What is the formula for finding the volume of a irregular solid?

Eureka!There really isn't a "formula" for discovering the volume of an irregularly shaped solid. Instead, submerge the irregular solid in water and measure the volume of water it displaces to discover its volume. The ExperimentFor finding the volume of an irregular solid we just fully dip (submerge) it in a water tank which is fully filled with water and is attached to an another tank (a cylindrical overflow tank) through a pipe. With the setup in place, we put the solid into the full tank. The solid will displace water, which will flow through the pipe into the overflow tank. Further, the volume of the water the solid displaces will be equal to the volume of that irregular solid. Now we calculate the volume of water in the overflow tank using the depth of that water and the diameter of the tank. The volume of the displaced water will equal the volume of the irregularly shaped solid.There will generally not be a formula and the volume will have to be measured in some other way.

How much water can a tank with a volume of 137188 hold?

137188 units.

What is the volume of a fish aquarium?

Assuming we are talking about a common rectangular aquarium. (Length of tank in inches) x (Width of tank in inches) x (Depth of tank in inches) = Volume of the tank in cubic inches Volume/231 = Gallons in tank Please keep in mind that rocks, plants, fish, and decorations reduce the volume of the tank somewhat.

How will I measure the remaining volume of water in a water tank if it has 760 liters capacity.?