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The answer depends on what you want to measure: the area to be heated or cooled, the power of the heating or cooling kit. Since you have not bothered to share that crucial bit of information, I cannot provide a more useful answer.

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Q: How do you measure for an HVAC unit?
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What is a HVAC unit?

HVAC unit is basically combination of HVAC chiller and all related equipment. See below related link for all details

Will the outside unit get damaged by not being level?

ouside HVAC unit

How do you record superheat in an HVAC unit?

a pencil

What is cb30m514p?

Model # for Lennox HVAC unit

Why is the hvac unit overflowing?

Because the drain is clogged.

What is hvac ampifier?

Plug your unit into it and play it loud

What is an HVAC system condenser unit used for?

To condense

What does IU on a HVAC blueprint mean?

Induction Unit

How do you measure freon weight in HVAC?

not dure if this will help but when i charge a unit either low or complete charge,the jug is weighed before the charge and after to see the weight of freon

What does the reset button on the house Air Conditioner do?

where is reset button on outside unit of American standard hvac where is reset button on outside unit of American standard hvac

Will power surge through an air conditioning unit if the unit is turned off at thermostat?

This question is a little vague, but I'll make by best attempt. I am assuming you mean a whole-house HVAC unit, and that you are concerned with a possible power surge so you want to shut the unit off at the thermostat. If this is correct, you need to know that the thermostat doesn't control the HVAC unit the way a switch controls a light fixture. As long as your HVAC breaker is on, you will have AC power at the HVAC unit. This usually includes at least a condenser unit outside and a blower either outside or inside. All the thermostat does is tell the HVAC components when to use the power applied and when to do nothing. The power does not flow through the thermostat to the HVAC like power through a switch to a light. Think of it this way: 'Off' on the thermostat doesn't mean power off. It means 'power available, but unit not running'. So, if you want to protect your HVAC from the potential of a power surge you will have to shut off the circuit breaker(s) feeding the HVAC components, not the thermostat.

Where is the heater core in a 1999 dodge 2500?

On a truck it is under the dash in the HVAC housing. On a van it is in the HVAC unit under the hood.