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It is in cubic metres!

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Q: How do you measure river flow rates in cubic meters?
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What is the discharge of the Zambezi River?

3,400 cubic meters per second or 120,000 cubic feet per second

How much water flows from the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico?

1,563,840,000 cubic meters. 1 billion, 563 million, 840 thousand cubic meters.

What unit would you use to measure a river?

Miles or meters,

What is the volume of the Nile River?

The Nile River's average discharge is about 300 million cubic meters per day.

What is the yearly discharge of river kaduna?

Yearly flow is 4.925 million cubic meters.

How do you convert Meters per second to cubic meters per hour?

If this is liquid flowing through a pipe or down a river, then you need to know the cross sectional area at the point you are measuring. For a pipe, this would be pi * (radius)2, or pi*(diameter/2)2. Most pipe is sold by diameter. A river or creek would have to be determined by knowing the shape of the river bottom and won't be discussed here. With area in square meters, you can multiply (meters/sec) * (area) to get (cubic meters)/sec. Since there are 3600 seconds in an hour, multiply (3600 sec/hr) * (cubic meters)/sec, to get cubic meters per hour.

How much water flows from the Mississippi river into the gulf of Mexico each day?

1,563,840,000 cubic meters per day. 1 billion, 563 million, 840 thousand cubic meters.

What unit of length would use to measure the length of a river?

Miles or Meters

Does the Gulf Stream move about the same amount of water as the Mississippi River?

The Mississippi River and the Amazon River move water at roughly 0.6 million cubic meters per second. By comparison, the Gulf Stream, as it flows and forms off of Florida, moves at approximately 30 million cubic meters per second.

What measurement is used to measure the width of a river?

The width of a river will generally be measured in feet or meters, depending on if you use Imperial or Metric.

Is longest river in US?

The Missouri River is the longest river in the United States with a length of 2,341 miles. The Mississippi River is the largest river in the U.S. with an average daily discharge of 16,792 cubic meters per second into the Gulf of Mexico.

Is the Amazon the 2nd largest river in the world?

Current datum shows the Amazon is the largest river in the world at 120,000 cubic meters of water. It is the second longest river in South America. The longest is the Nile River located in Africa.

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