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Q: How do you measure the internal diameter of a bottle?
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How do you measure diameter?

Internal diameter.

How do you measure hose diameter?

Internal diameter.

What is used to measure internal diameter of a cylindrical object?

An internal caliper gauge.

How do you measure the dimension of chain sprocket?

External diameter, internal diameter, and tooth count.

What instrument can be used to measure internal diameter of beaker?

A vernier caliper

How you can find the thickness of pressure vessel diameter is 4.6m and length is about 19.2 meter and working pressure is about 16.5 bar?

Measure external diameter. (A) Measure internal diameter. (B) Subtract B from A

What is the thickness of centrifugal cast iron pipes 150mm dia?

It is not possible to answer this without more information. However to find the thickness measure the external diameter, measure the internal diameter subtract the internal from the external and that will give you the thickness of the pipe

What is the diameter of a 6 liter wine bottle?

Take a string, wrap it around the wine bottle once, and measure the length of the string.

What is used to measure the internal and external diameter of a tube of about 5Cm bore?

vernier calliper

What is the diameter of a 2 liter bottle cap?

This will differ depending on the type of bottle. Even though the capacity of the bottles may be the same (2 L), the design of the bottle and therefore the cap used will be different.The diameter of the cap on a 2 L Coca-Cola bottle is 28mm.To measure the diameter of the cap that you are using, place your ruler across the middle of the cap and measure the length from one end of the cap, through the middle to the other.

How can you measure the inside diameter of a ring using a vernier caliper?

To measure the inside diameter of a ring using a vernier caliper, you must use the small jaw or the internal jaw of a vernier caliper.

What is the instrument used to measure diameter of testtube?

Calipers measure the internal or external dimensions of something.