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Put her on a truck and have the truck weighed on a balance scale (NOT a spring scale). From this you can get true mass.

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Q: How do you measure the mass of a cow?
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What is the mass of a cow measured in metric measure?


What measuring unit would be used to measure the mass of a cow?

A kilogram.

How many metric units are in a cow?

That depends a lot on what you want to measure: the cow's length, width, volume, mass, density, color, ...

What is the mass of a cow measured in?

A cow's mass is measured in kilograms. Her weight is also in kilograms, as well as in pounds.

What does mass of an object measure?

Mass is the measure of matter in an objevt

What does an adult cow tooth measure?


When standing on bathroom scale are you measure in mass or density?

Scales either measure mass, or weight - but they are callibrated to show mass (for example, kilograms).

Is a graduate used to measure mass?

a gradute is used to measure mass

What measure do you measure in MASS?

You measure mass in kilograms,grams,tonnes,short tons,pounds and ounces

What is the mass of a banana in metric meters?

You can't measure mass in meters. Meters is a measure of length, not mass

What can we measure in hectograms?

You can measure mass.

How do you measure cattle population?

By Cow/calf units.