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The volume of a box of cookies (or any other box, for that matter) can be found by multiplying the length, width and height of the box together.

To discover the volume of a box, measure each dimension, and be sure to use the same units for each measurement. With the three dimensions in hand, grab your calculator or a pencil and paper and multiply length x width x height and find your answer in cubic units (whatever you chose to measure in).

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Q: How do you measure the volume of a box of cookies?
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What unit of measure would you use to measure a small box of cookies?

Mass= Kg (Kilograms) Weight= N (Newtons) or if your measuring volume, then it would be: cm3 (Centimeters Cubed)

How you would measure the volume of a box of tissue?

The same way you measure the volume of any other box, or any other rectangular prism: -- Measure the length. -- Measure the width. -- Measure teh height. -- Multiply (length) x (width) x (height). The product is the volume of the box.

What do cubic measurements measure?

Volume is measured in cubic measurements, such as m3, cm3, ft3, etc... .

What are you finding when you measure the space in a box?

the area of the box * * * * * The correct answer is the VOLUME (or capacity) of the box.

What instrument measures the volume of a rectangular box?

There is not an instrument designed to measure the volume of a rectangular box. You would use a ruler or tape measure or similar to measure its linear dimensions and a brain to multiply them together.

How do you find the height of a box given the width and volume?

measure it

What is centimeters cubed used to measure?

Centimeters cubed is used to measure the volume of a cube or box.

How would you measure a box with volume?

by length x with x height

How do you measure the volume of a box?

length times width times height

What is used to measure volume of a match box?

Cubic millimetres.

Which unit are used to measure volume?

Milliliter, liter, and centimeter are the units that are used to measure volume. This is used primarily for liquids.

How can you measure the volume of an object if it is not shaped like a box.?

take a peice of string and see how long the amount is then measure the amount of string on to a ruler and that's your volume :)