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o take the irregular shape & put in a graduated cylinder filled with the amount of water you want.

then you take the measurement on how much it grew then subtract your answer with the original

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Q: How do you measure the volume of an irregular shape?
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How would you measure the volume of an object with a irregular shape?


When did Archimedes find out how to measure volume of an irregular shape?


How do you find the volume of large irregular shape object?

To measure volume of large irregular shaped objects you need a displacement can

How do you measure the volume of a solid that has an irregular shape?

You divide the irregular shape into a buch of smaller regular shapes. Find the volume for those, add them up...and you have the volumee.(:

How do you calculate the volume of an irregular shape?

use calculus and integrate or fill it with water and measure.

How would you measure the volume of an irregular shape?

Insert the object into a container which has a known quantity of water, and measure the increase in the volume of water afterwards.

Why can't you use a ruler to measure the volume of an irregular object?

because the shape has no correct sides.

Definition of irregular volume?

An irregular volume is something and anything that no one can actually measure. An example of this is a cylinder with a cone as its end; a complex equation is needed just to describe the shape that it has.

What is used too measure the volume of an solid with an irregular shape?

The volume of an irregular shape can be found by measuring the amount of displaced water when the object is placed in a measuring jar. In a measuring jar the difference between the two levels give the volume of displacement.

What tool do we use to measure volume of a solid?

If the object is a regular geometric shape, you use the volume formula. If the object has an irregular shape, use the water displacement process.

What is the volume of irregular shape objects?

Volume of irregular or regular shape object is the space reserved by the object in any medium.

What process is used to measure the volume of irregular shapes?

There are several methods of measuring an irregular shape's volume.Filling it with a known volume of a substance until full.Summing up the Mathematical calculation of sections.

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