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impossible u would have to move 4 lines

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Q: How do you move two lines from four squares to make two squares?
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How do you move four lines from four squares to make three squares?

Not a clue. The correct answer is to take away a square. Since it requires 4 lines to make a square in the first place. Bam, just take away one of the squares. Pretty simple.

How do you move 5 lines to make 2 squares?

no answer

How do you move 2 lines from 5 squares to make it 4 squares?


How do you move three lines from five squares to make 4 squares?

Move 3 lines "from" - do you mean 'remove 3 lines from' - or - move 3 lines to other places? Anyway, this all depends on the layout of the five squares.

How do you move three lines from 5 squares to make 4 squares?

if 5 squares are there it gonna have 16 lines and removing 3 off the right end would still leave 4 squares

How do you move three lines from four squares to make three squares of equal size?

Is this question supposed to have 12 toothpicks to make 4 squares and then move 3 toothpicks to make 3 equal sized squares? Answer depends on the restrictions. Just move 3 sticks from any square to form a straight vertical or horizontal line up of squares is one option if there is no restrictions other than the three resulting squares are equal sizes.

How do you move 3 toothpicks from 4 squares to make 3 squares?


How do you Move 4 toothpicks from 4 squares to make 3 squares?


If you use Toothpicks to make four squares move only two so that two squares remain and a toothpick must be a part of a square?

Old one. Make a square out of four squares, then remove two adjacent inside toothpicks. This leaves a large square with a small square inside.

Can you move into all squares if you are king?

No, every checker piece can be move onto a black square only. In fact, a 'king' can move to either of the four adjacent squares.

How do you move 2 toothpicks to make 2 squares from 4?

You arrange 12 toothpicks into a large square, subdivided into four squares : 2 toothpicks on each side and four more, one each from the middle of the sides to the center of the large square. Now you have four (small) squares. Take away 2 adjacent toothpicks from the ones in the center, and you have 2 squares : one remaining small one and the large one that has the small one inside it. (see related link)

How many squares never move on a Rubik's Cube?

The middle squares never move so the answer is 6.

How can you move 2 lines from 5 squares to make 2 squares?

Want a really hard hard question read this. If i dig a hole in a graveyard and i fall down i don't stop falling but suddenly i hit the some concrete and some class stabs through my legs what colour is my blood.

Number of squares on a chess board?

If you are speaking only of the squares in which chess pieces move there are 64, 8 rows of 8 spaces each.If you are speaking of the total number of actual squares that could be found and counted within a chess board using the lines provided there are 204.

In chess how many spaces can a rook move?

The rook can move 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 squares right or left or up and down the board.Not quite. A rook can never move eight squares. If the rook begins at one end of a rank or file a move of seven squares will take it to the other end.

Can bishops in chess move sideways?

No, Bishops move only diagonally. One is always on the Black squares & the other will only ever be on White squares.

A four letter word to make someone or something go somewhere?


If i have 12 matches how do i move them to make 3 equal squares?

A sort of triangle of squares. Lay out 3 squares side by side using 10 matches. Take the middle match from the bottom row and use it and the other two to make a square based on the middle match of the top row.

Which direction will absorption lines move if an object remains the same distance?

The lines will not move.

How do you turn 5 squares into 4 squares in two moves?

I can do it in one move. imagine 4 squares set together as a 2x2 block. The whole thing is a fifth square. now in one move push 1 square away from the rest. You now have 4 squares.

If you have 12 toothpicks that are put in four squares that are connected How do you move 2 to make 7 squares?

Take two toothpicks that create an outside corner. Cross them like a + inside one of the remaining boxes. Count the new four smaller boxes inside it as 4, the one they are formed in as 5, and the two untouched boxes as 6 and 7. (The trick is to remember to count the larger box the 4 are formed in.)

How many squares can a king move to kill in chess?

The king can move to 9 squares, the squars he is directly touching, but cannot capture unless the piece to capture is unprotected.

How do you make a model move to another model?

easy just go to the red icon on the toolbar and orange squares will appear around the model click on them and drag them the model will move

Which piece can move on black and whiegt square in chess?

The king - can move one square in any direction (except when castling) The queen - can move any number of squares in a straight line. The rook - can move any number of squares vertically or horizontally The Bishop - can move any number of squares diagonally The Knight - moves either one square vertically and two squares horizontally - or - one square horizontally and two squares vertically. Only the Bishop remains on the same coloured square regardless of the number of squares moved. All other pieces can land on a white or black square.

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