How do you multiply a number by a power of 10?

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Whatever the exponent is, add that many zeros to the end of the number being multiplied.

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Q: How do you multiply a number by a power of 10?
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What is 2 by the power of 5?

The number 2 to the 5th power is 32. To find the answer to a number to a power, you need to multiply that number by itself the number of times of the number in the power. For 2 to the 5th power you would multiply 2x2x2x2x2 (2x2=4x2=8x2=16x2=32).

The correct number of significant figures in the number 9.080 multiply 10 to the negative 4 power?

4 of them.

What is the product of 10 to the 4 power?

To find the nth power of number x, you multiply n x's together. In this case we want the 4th power of 10, so we take 4 10s (10, 10, 10, 10) and multiply them together: 10x10x10x10=10,000 So 10 to the 4th power is 10,000.

What is 10000000000 to the hundredth power?

To calculate this, write the number as a power of ten, and use the fact that when you raise a power to a power, you simply multiply the exponents. (10^10)100 = 10^20

How do you figger out to the power of 4?

If you mean something like this: 54 then you multiply 5*5*5*5. The answer in this case would be 625. In any case with a number to a power, you multiply the number by itself however many times you have in the power. If it is just to the power of 2, you multiply it by itself twice. If it is to the power of 10, you multiply the number by itself 10 times. Most calculators (besides simple four-function calculators) have a button that allows you to input a number to a power and find the answer, which is much faster.

What is 10 to the 9th power multiply by 10 to the 8th power?

10 to the 17th power.

How do you multiply 3.6 times 10 to the fourth power?

When you multiply by ten to a power, move the decimal point to the right by the number of places of the power. 3.6 x 10 ^4 move decimal 4 places to right = 36000

When multiplying or dividing by a power of 10 what is the shortcut?

Move the decimal point, the same number of places as the power of 10. That way ---> to multiply. This way <--- to divide.

How do you use power in Excel?

You use power to get the power of one number by another. For example, to get 10 to the power of 2 in Excel, you can do it in two ways: =10^2 =POWER(10,2) That will square 10, or multiply 10 by 10, so it will give 100.

What is the rule for multiplying by a positive power of 10?

To multiply by a positive power of ten, just add the number of zeroes as the number of the exponent. For example, if you have 103 which is 10 times 10 times 10, you will get 1,000. Hope this helps!

What is infininty in math?

Never ending unlimited number. e.g. 9 Multiply 10 to the power 99999999999999

100 times 100?

Apart from using a calculator, specifically if you multiply a whole number by a power of 10:* To multiply a whole number by 10, add a zero to the whole number. * To multiply a whole number by 100, add two zeros to the whole number. * Etc.

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