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Q: How do you multiply exponents with different coefficients?
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How do you solve multiplication with like terms?

Just multiply the coefficients, leave the variable the same, and add the exponents.

What is the exponential form of 2x2x2x2x5?

2X * 2X * 2X * 2X5 multiply the coefficients together and add the exponents = 168 ---------

When you have two different exponents do you add them or multiply them?


What is r4 squared times 3r squared?

Do you mean? 4r2 * 3r2 = 12r4 ====== You multiply the coefficients of the variable terms and add the exponents.

What is x2 multiplied by 2x?

X2 * 2X= 2X3======multiply coefficients and add exponents ( all variables have a 1 as implied exponent )

What is -5y-8 with positive exponents?


How do you multiply two different number with two different exponents?

the answer is simple you can not

Can you add unknowns that have coefficients and exponents?

the unknowns must be the same variable and the exponents have to be the same. examples) x4 + y4 cannot be added because they are not the same variable. x3 + x2 cannot be added because they have different exponents. 3y6 + 5y6 can be added because they have the same variable and exponents. (answer: 8y6)

What happens when you multiply two variables with different exponents?

When you multiply two variables with different exponents, the exponents are added. For example, if you multiply x^2 by x^3, the result is x^(2+3) = x^5. Similarly, if you multiply x^3 by x^(-2), the result is x^(3+(-2)) = x^1 = x.

When you raise a power to a power what do you do with the exponents?

You multiply the exponents.

How do you raise a power to a power?

The rule is that you multiply the exponents. So if I have 2 squared and I want to raise it to the third power, you multiply the 2x3=6. When you multiply powers you add the exponents. When you raise exponents to a power you multiply. This works for rational exponents which can be used to represent roots as well.

How do you multiply a fractions with different exponents by an exponent?

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