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7 + 3(n-2)

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Q: How do you multiply out brackets and simplify?
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how do we expand brackets if its triple brackets?

To expand three brackets, expand and simplify two of the brackets then multiply the resulting expression by the third bracket. (FAIZAN BHAI GHAZI)CHANNEL

How do you simplify algebraic expressions with brackets?

put the bracket before the answer and multiply it by the nth term

How do you simplify expressions with variables?

You multiply out brackets, remove common factors from fractions, combine like terms.

How do you expand and simplify brackets?

You need to get rid of the brackets first and then simplify it from there. Hope i helped

How can i Simplify -(-3w-v)-2(4v-w)?

Multiply out the brackets and collect the like terms which simplifies to 5w-7v

What does multiply out the exspresion mean?

It means calculate the value of the expression (i.e. simplify) by mutiplying. So, as a completely random example, if you have an expression like: x(x + 1) then, in this particular case, you would multiply what is outside of the brackets by each term inside the brackets to get: x2 + x.

How do you multiply out?

there is no such thing as multiply only multiply out brackets... :)

Explain brackets in order of operation?

Brackets are basically the same as parentheses. If they are inside of parentheses, then you simplify that term before anything else. If they are outside of parentheses, then you simplify the terms in the parentheses first and then the term within the brackets.

How do you solve linear equations with bracets?

You simplify the brackets first and then you will have linear equations without brackets!

Expand and simplify Brackets x-6 Brackets Brackets x plus 4 Brackets?

(x - 6) (x + 4) = x2 - 2x - 24

What is 2x times x to the second power plus 9 simplified?

This depends where the brackets go. If the equation you want to simplify is (2x)(x2) + 9 then we just multiply the parts in the brackets. When you multiply powers you add the power, so this is 2x3+9 If the equation is 2x(x2+9) then we need to multiply each part of the bracket by 2x. This gives 2x3+18x

How do you expand a bracket?

expanding bracket is basically multiplying and is used in algebra for example: 2(6x+7x) You multiply everything outstide the bracket with everything inside the bracket for example: 2 x 6x=12x 2 x 7x= 14x so now you have expanded the brackets it looks like: 12x + 14x now simplify to make 26x . And that is how to expand brackets