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This is how you do it:

1. Multiply the decimals as if they were just normal numbers

  • Line them up on the right, do not line up the decimals.
  • Take away the decimals.
  • Multiply.

2. Place the decimal point in the answer by starting at the right and moving a number of places equal to the sum of the decimal places in both numbers multiplied.

Then you have your answer. :) I hope this helped.. if not, go to

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Q: How do you multiply two decimal fractions?
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How do you multiply decimals with fractions?

Change the decimal into a fraction or the easier way is to turn the fration into a decimal, then multiply.

How do you change fractions into percentages?

change the fraction into a decimal then multiply by 100

How do you multiply fractions grade 8?

you divide the top and the bottem by two until you get an odd number or a decimal on ur claculator

When you multiply two fractions the answer is called the?

When you multiply any two numbers, the answer is their product.

When you multiply two fractions what is the answer called?

When you multiply any two numbers, the answer is their product.

How do you convert fractions into grams?

It depends what they are fractions of. For fractions of kilograms, simply multiply by 1000 (move the decimal point 3 places to the right).

What is the link between percentages and fractions?

divide to change the fraction into a decimal and multiply by 100 to change the decimal to a percent.

Why do numbers get smaller when multiplied by a decimal?

It's because decimals are really fractions and all numbers get smaller when you multiply them by fractions.

How do you Multiply 3 fractions?

Multiply the first two together and then multiply that total by the third.

Why should you multiply the divisor and the dividend by the same power of 10?

If you are a beginner and not comfortable doing divisions when either the numerator or particularly the denominator are decimal fractions, then it is useful to multiply them both by the same power of 10 to get rid of the decimal fractions.

What is a definition for ordering fractions?

to order fractions you can cross multiply two fractions at a time or you can convert all the fractions into decimals.

How do you multiply two fractions?

-- Multiply their numerators to get the numerator of their product. -- Multiply their denominators to get the denominator of their product.

How do you figure out if two fractions are equal or not?

cross multiply

How do you figure out a fraction of a fraction?

multiply the two fractions

How do you compute two thirds of six eighths?

You multiply the two fractions.

How do you Multiply three or more mixed numbers.?

Convert them to improper fractions and proceed the same way you would multiply two fractions.

How do you multiply and divide dissimilar fractions?

The dissimilarity of the fractions doesn't matter. To multiply two fractions, multiply the numerators together, then the denominators, then put the new numerator over the new denominator. Simplify if you can. To divide fractions, invert the second fraction and multiply as just described.

What are the rules for multiplying fractions?

When multiplying 2 fractions, we multiply the two numerators together and the two denominators together.

How to find thirteen fiftieths of seven tenths?

You multiply the two fractions. To multiply two fractions, the numerator of the result is the product of the numerators, and the denominator of the result is the product of the denominators.

How do you get a common denominator for subtracting fractions?

Just multiply the two denominators of your fractions, the answer you get is a common denominator.

What does it mean to multiply and divide fractions?

multiply and divide fractions!-.-

How can you multiply a decimal by 100?

by moving the decimal two place to the right.

How can you find common denominator for two unlike fractions?

multiply the two denominators

When multiplying fractions do you multlply to the side or cross multiply?

Multiplying fractions is the easiest operation you can do with them. Nothing complicated is required, just multiply the top two and the bottom two. Simple as that!

How do you find the percentage in fractions?

Convert to a decimal number then multiply by 100. eg 3/4 Convert to a decimal (0.75) Multiply by 100 to give percent (0.75 x 100) =75%