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-3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3

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Q: How do you order negative and positive numbers?
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What is the relationship between neggative positive and positive negative?

Negative number and positive numbers are all numbers. Negative numbers are just positive numbers multiplied by -1.

When multiplying numbers what do you do with the positive and negative signs?

Negative * positive = negative Positive * positive = positive Negative * negative = positive

What is the sign of the product of 47 negative numbers and three positive numbers?

Negative because product of 47 negative numbers is negative and product of three positive number is Positive , so negative*positive = Negative.

Is the product of positive numbers and 7 negative numbers a positive number or a negative number?


Is the product of 7 positive numbers and 6 negative numbers a positive or negative number?


Why are negative numbers in brackets positive but positive numbers in brackets are not negative?


Is the product of 33 negative numbers and 2 positive numbers a positive number or a negative number?

(The product of 33 negative numbers) x (2 positive numbers) = (negative sign) x (positive sign) = negative sign

Order the following positive and negative numbers from least to greats?

The answer will follow.

What are the rules for multiplying integers?

Positive x Positive =Positive Positive x Negative= Negative Negative x Positive= Negative Negative x Negative =Positive

How do you subtract negative numbers from positive numbers?

The negative sign will change to a positive sign when subtracting negative numbers from positive numbers so you will simply add them together.

In order from greatest to least which will go first 7 or -5?


What is the product of two negative and three positive numbers?

It is positive. Any product of an even number of negative numbers will be positive, regardless of how many positive numbers you have. Similarly any product of an odd number of negative numbers will be negative, regardless of how many positive numbers you have.

Are negative numbers bigger or positive?

Positive numbers are larger than negative ones.

Where can you find positive and negative numbers in your house?

Positive numbers, on your door. Negative in your freezer.

Are positive and negative numbers integers?

yes integers are all numbers negative and positive

What might you do to order numbers negative 8 negative 10 positive 8 and positive 5?

-10, -8, 5, 8

Why are positive rational numbers greater than negative rational numbers?

Because 1. Positive integers are greater than negative integers, and 2. Division by a positive number preserves the order.

How do you do the division of negative numbers?

Same way you do division with positive numbers. Then, if both numbers are negative, the result is positive, otherwise it is negative.

Why do they call positive numbers positive numbers?

Because their higher then negative numbers and they are 'POSITIVE'

Are the product of two opposite numbers positive?

No. The product of two opposite numbers is always negative. Negative x positive = negative and Positive x negative = negative

What are the 47 negative numbers and three positive numbers?

There are an infiinite number of positive numbers and an infinite number of negative numbers.

Can rational numbers not be negative?

Rational numbers can be negative or positive.

Positive and negative whole numbers and zero?

Positive and negative whole numbers and zero are integers. Zero is neither negative or positive.

Is the product of two opposite numbers positive?

positive x positive = positive negative x negative = positive negative x positive = negative

What are negative and positive numbers?

positive numbers are greater than zero, and negative numbers are less than zero