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The best way is to find out how much someone would be prepared to pay for it.

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Q: How do you place value on completed cross stitch projects?
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What does marked stitch mean in knitting?

A marked stitch is a stitch where you have placed a knitting marker. A pattern may tell you to place a marker at a certain stitch, and to do some particular thing in a subsequent row when you come to that marked stitch.

What is counted needlepoint?

Counted needlepoint, like counted cross stitch, is done using a chart that shows every stitch you will be making, and each stitch corresponds to a thread on the canvas. You count the number of threads across or down the canvas, and you place the stitches on the threads according to the chart. For instruction on how to do counted needlepoint, choose from one of these sites:

How do you place a marker in a sc when crocheting?

Do not use a closed stitch marker, those are for knitting. A crochet stitch marker looks like a giant safety pin, or you can use a regular safety pin. Simply insert the pin into the stitch in the same place you would insert your hook to make a stitch, and close it. When you get to that stitch again, take the pin out and move it up to the next row.

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What is basting stiches?

A basting stitch is a simple, easily-removed, temporary stitch that you make, to hold your fabric in place. Basically, it is used in place of pins. Basting stitches are particularly useful when sewing clothing.

Where can you find English dubbed episodes of Stitch?

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Where did tacking stitch come from?

The tacking stitch did not come from any particular place. Tacking stitches of various sorts have been used by tailors and dressmakers throughout the centuries.

Why does my stockinette stitch look like a basic stitch?

Are you knitting? If by basic stitch, you mean garter stitch, it is because you are knitting on both sides of the work. It may also mean your working yarn is in the wrong place when you attempt to pearl a stitch. A stockinette stitch is achieved by knitting on one side of the work and pearling on the other. When knitting, the working yarn should be at the back of the work, away from you. When pearling, the working yarn should be pulled between the needle and the work,( closest to you) and then work the stitch the same as a knit stitch. This should fix your problem, but if not, please ask more questions.

Which are the temporary hand stitches?

The most basic temporary hand stitch is call basting. It is a long, straight stitch to hold the fabrics together in place until the permanent stitches are placed.

What are the different types of hand stiching used in sewing?

cross stitch embroidery metal

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