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fifty-one ten-thousandths

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Q: How do you put 0.0051 in word form?
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What decimal is the largest .0049 .00051 or .0111?

It is: .0111 that is the largest

How do put 5.864 in word form?

5.864 in word form is: five and eight hundred sixty-four thousandths.

How do you put 25 in word form?


How do you put 0.4 into word form?

four tenths

How do you put 0.30 in word form?

Three tenths.

Is railroad a compound word or two words?

Answer:A compound word. Answer:It is both. Rail and road are two different words that were put together to form one word. A compound word is when two words are put together to form a one word.

How do put 1.7 in word form?

One and seven tenths

How do you put 3.100 in word form?

three and one tenth

How you put 0.067 in word form?

Sixty-seven thousandths

How do you put 0.8 in word form?

0.8 = eight tenths.

How do you put 0.4 in word form?

zero point four

How do you put 120 in word form?

One hundred an twenty