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Q: How do you put Mirage OS on your TI calculator?
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What is the program to play super Mario on a TI-83 graphing calculator?

Mirage OS

Why won't my games go from a protected program to Mirage OS on my ti-84 plus?

Did you put the extra :"(description) as the top line of code

How do you put percentages in a TI-84 calculator?

you can't

How do you put a subscript into a TI-83 calculator?


How can you put games on a ti-84 calculator?

You can use the cables that come with the calculator to get them from friends that already have them.

Can you put a password on your graphing calculator?

Ti-83 calculator helps users to set password on their device

How do you put fractions on a Texas Instruments TI-81 calculator?

How to add fractions on a texas instruments TI-81

How do you get to the function on a TI calculator?

This depends on what function, and what TI calculator.

Is the TI-86 calculator newer than the TI-83 calculator?


How do you input absolute value signs into a Ti-nspire graphing calculator?

You have to put abs(

How do i put a fraction in on my ti 84 ymx plus b?

Read the calculator manual.

Is a TI-84 calculator allowed on the ACT?

Yes calculator TI-84 is permitted unless it's not othe TI model.

How do you put sec in a TI 84 calculator?

sec = 1 / cos sec = 1 / cos

Does the TI Nspire share memory with both the Nspire and TI 84 plus keypads?

no the data is stored in each keypad seperately so you can download programs like mirage OS onto the 84 plus keypad without affecting the nspire memory

Which calculator is better the ti-30x11s or the ti-3411?

ti 30x11s!!

How do you put games on a TI 83?

you have to download them off the internet and transfer them to your calculator using a usb transfer cable

What is a good calculator for kids?

The TI 10 Elementary Calculator is a good calculator for kids.

Where can a TI 83 calculator be purchased?

One can purchase a TI-83 calculator in online stores such as Amazon or eBay. In addition, stores such as Walmart or Costco will sell the calculator model.

Texas instruments TI-30XIIS is a scientific calculator?

Yes, the Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS, released in 2003, is a scientific calculator. It is an updated version of the TI-30 scientific calculator from 1976, which sold for $25.

How do you use a ti 89 titanium calculator?

it depends on what you mean by use. the calculator should come with a manual if not you can look on ti's website.

Where is the fraction key on the TI-83 Plus Calculator?

The fraction function of a TI-83 Plus calculator is number one under the math button.

How do you enter an exponent on Texas Instruments TI-30xIIS calculator?

Texas Instruments TI-30xIIS calculator?

How do you put fractions on a Texas Instruments TI 30X IIS calculator?

if you are looking to put it into a decmial then enter the fraction and press enter then F D artows are inbetween it.

How do you Transfer to Another ti calculator?

It depends on what version(s) of TI calculator you are using. Consult your manual, or give us more information.

Where can I buy a ti 84 calculator?

The TI 84 calculator is a Texas Instruments graphing calculator. These are widely available at stores such as Walmart, Office Depot and Best Buy. They are also available online from Amazon or eBay.