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_ like that


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Q: How do you put a line on the top of the letter n?
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What company has the letter n with an extended line going through the top as a logo?


Does the letter N have a line of symmetry?

no, letter N has no line symmetry.

Does the letter N have a line of symmetery?


What is the logo with a capital N with a long line on top coming from the n?


What is the logo that starts with a N with a line coming from the top of the N?

Nestle foods.

How do you insert a tilde on top of a letter?


How do you put the line on the letter n like in spanish?

In windows, the character maps are as follows: ñ = Alt+164 Ñ = Alt+165

How many line of symmetry does the letter n have?


What would you put on a pizza that starts with the letter n?

You could put nachos or nuts on pizza. They begin with the letter n.

Which letter has a line of symmetry N F C?

It is C that has a horizontal line of symmetry

What logo starts with an n and a line across the top of word?


What logo starts with letter n and line going across?