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either turn all ur numbers to fractions or decimals, then put it in order

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Q: How do you put fractions and decimals in order from least to greaest?
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Related questions

How do you order fractions and percents from least to greatest?

Convert them to decimals.

How do you order decimals and fractions?

Usually smallest to largest, least to greatest.

How do you order fractions and decimals from least to greastest?

The easiest way it to convert them all to decimals. Carry out the repeating decimals to an equal number of places. Then it is easy to put them in order.

How do you explain a method to compare fractions?

Convert them to decimals and order them least to greatest.

How can you order a group of fractions and decimals from least to greatest?

yeah so good so far

How do you order fractions?

put it in order from decimals as in first make the fraction in decimals and put them in order you desire :)

How do you put fractions and decimals to least and greatest?

convert fractions to decimal then just compare them,and then put them in order!:)

How can you solve problems by ordering rational numbers from least to greatest?

Convert all the rational numbers to order into equivalent fractions with the same denominator; then they can be ordered by putting the numerators in order from least to greatest. ------------ You can also convert all the numbers to decimals ... this is actually a special case of "equivalent fractions".

What is the easiest way to order decimals?

Change them into fractions over 10 or 100 and then order them

What is a definition for ordering fractions?

to order fractions you can cross multiply two fractions at a time or you can convert all the fractions into decimals.

How do you arrange dissimilar fractions in increasing order?

Two ways: Convert them to like fractions with a common denominator and order them by their numerators or convert them to decimals, order them, and change them back.

How do you order decimals from least from greatest?

Well you first have to look at the decimals and see which one is the least then get to the greatest

How do you order fractions from least to greatist?

Two ways: You can find a common denominator, convert them to equivalent fractions and line up the numerators or you can convert them to decimals by dividing the denominator into the numerator and line them up numerically. The second way is easier.

Fractions Decimals Square Roots Order from Smallest to Largets Help please?

it depends on the numbers involved.. if you have examples of the fractions decimals and square roots i would be glad to help you

How do you put fractioons in order?

convert them to decimals or percentages first to figure out the order then write the answers as fractions

How does a nurse use decimals?

A strong working understanding of fractions and decimals is essential for nurses. They must be familiar enough with fractions and decimals to quickly and accurately divide, multiply, add and subtract dosages as well as convert fractions to decimals and vice versa. Conceptual understating of fractions and decimals is essential since half doses, extra doses and time-delayed dosages must be calculated correctly. Nurses also need to know how to convert fractions and decimals to percentages in order to explain medication instructions accurately and easily to their patients. Read more about how math is related to nursing at the link I provided below.

How do you order fractions if there is improper fractions?

you have to find like denominators and then you order them from least to greatest by there numerators

What are the importance of knowing the operation in decimal?

In order to convert decimals into percentages In order to convert decimals into fractions To distinguish irrational numbers from rational numbers

What do you call listing fractions from least to greatest or greatest to least?

Listing the fractions is ascending (or descending) order.

Name one advantage of decimals over fractions?

It depends on what you are trying to do. For most people using decimals is easier because it allows them to visualize the number better than a fraction. For example, if you needed to order them from least to greatest, it may be easier to see them in decimal form rather than fractions. However, fractions are usually more accurate because some decimals need to be rounded off. For example, the fraction 1/7 is more accurate than the decimal form .142857142857..... because the numbers 142857 continue on infinitely.

How can you order fractions least from greatest?

You can order fractions by finding the percentage (top divided by bottom multiplied by 100).

How do you order decimals least to greatest?

You order decimals from least to greatest by looking at the whole number and seeing which whole number is bigger. If the whole numbers are the same you look in the tenths place and see

How do you order 2 or more fractions from least to greatest?

you can find the least common denominator and then order them.

Order fractions from least to greatest?


How do you subtract fractions?

One way you can subtract fractions is to change them into decimals, aligning the decimals vertically, then subtracting like you would with whole numbers, making sure to carry down the decimal. Another way that you can subtract fractions is to use the least common denominator (lcd). First, simplify the fractions. Then find the multiples of the denominators. When you find the multiple included in both lists that is the least, multiply the numerator and denominator by the same number in order to make the denominator into the lcd. Then, subtract the numerators and simplify the answer. Example: 2/3 - 1/2 = 4/6 - 3/6 = 1/6