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Q: How do you put the number at the bottom of a letter when writing a formula?
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What is the form for vertical lines?

They go from top to bottom (or conversely). Their general formula is x=(a number)

What is the six letter word for the bottom number in division?

Divisor or denominator

What does bace mean in math?

In maths the Base refers to the number or letter at the bottom of a fraction.-a fraction is a number that isn't whole and is maybe half or maybe a third of the a numberexample 1.)(we will use " / " as the fraction and the letter or number after the / will be on the bottom of the fraction)2/5 so the 5 is the Base in this fraction because it is at the bottom of the fraction.example 2.)(we will use the / as the fraction again and the letter or number after the / will be the one on the bottom of the fraction.)2/a so a is the Base in this fraction

How do you determine the age of a Browning sweet sixteen?

By the serial number on the bottom of the receiver. Sometimes the serail will include a letter above the number or a letter/number combo above the number.

What does the strike through the number zero means when writing a prescription?

it means no refills for that medication if it it at the bottom of the script where the numbers are

What do the prefixes in a covalent compound name tell when writing the chemical formula?

it tells you the number of atoms of each element

Chemical formula of sulfur?

Sulfur is called by the letter "S". Its atomic number is 16.

What are the chances of Obama reading a letter from me?

I dont know the exact number, but writing paid off for me, i got a letter from him back just recently!

What is scientific notation of 96?

Scientific notion is writing number in a decimal format. The formula of (a x 10b) is the same for each number .So for the number 96 might look like 9.6x10.

Where is the S-key's face?

A key's face is the top portion of the key where the letter, number, writing, or symbol is.

How do I know when to spell out a number or use the numeral in a letter?

It depends on what you are writing about. answered by a twelve year old

What is the proper of writing symbols of elements?

The first letter is written in capital letter and the second if it has doesn't. Write atomic number in the right inferior side.