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Q: How do you put though half cash half card on a McDonalds register?
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How does mcdonalds cash register look like?

Eh.... A burger!!

What stores accept Florida Cash Assistance Quest card?

The dollar store and McDonalds

What credit cards does KFC accept?

McDonalds accepts the following -McDonalds gift card -Credit Card -Cash -City card -Pay Pass -American Express - Eco card

How do you write the code on a nexon cash card?

Its impossible. The codes only work when activated at a cash register. And I doubt you can get the code right between the time a person activates it at a register and uses it.

How do you make a cash register out of card board?

I want to make sweet contemporary love to you! Call me!

Does dealextreme accept cash?

no,they can't accept cash they can accept payment by Paypal ,if you have credit card or debate card or other card,you can register in Paypal and fulfill the Payment if you have a credit card,you can also pay directly by credit card,check out by method three

What jobs are open in Lebanon MO for a 14 year old?

wow ur from mo so am i well is there a mcdonalds there if so u can work the cash register?

Can you use your laptop as a cash register?

yes if you want to have a cash register

How do you program royal cash register?

i want to program my cash register

How do you get a giant eagle card?

when you buy something at the cash register just ask them where to go to sign-up for a giant eagle card some giant eagles have it at the register but most have you go to where they sell lottery tickets and that and fill out the paper work there to get your card.

What is cash register?

Same as "cash register receipt". It is the paper receipt that prints out of the cash register when you purchase an item at a store. Or simply called a receipt.

How do you lay out money in a cash register?

However you like, most go in order of small to large though.