How do you read a line graph?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Each point on a line graph in 2-dimensional space can correspond to an ordered pair of values for two variables which is observed. Or, if it is a fitted line graph, it is an estimated ordered pair.

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Q: How do you read a line graph?
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Why do you think a line graph is a good graph?

A line graph is good cause it is easier to read

What are the advantages of a line graph?

It is easier to read because it can be not as cluttered as a bar graph or scatter plot graph.

Why does the line of best fit only give an estimate?

Because ever line is different and you can only read off your line in the graph.

How do you multiply and divide on a line graph?

line graph x line graph = divided line graph

What are disadvantages of a double line graph?

If a legend is not provided the, data shown in the line graph could be confusing or not interpreted properly because there are two lines. It can also be hard to read if the two sets of data in the graph are similiar, making the lines appear intermingled making it visually hard to read.

What kind of change is represented by the rise of a line?

In a graph, the rise of a line usually represents an increase of some quantity. What that quantity is must be read off the graph's axes.

Is broken line graph same as the line graph?

no because the broken line graph is a line graph that is broken da!

What is a double line graph?

a double line graph is a graph that is same as a line graph but there are two lines

Why is a Line Graph a Good Way to Plot Information?

its good because it easy to read i think

How are a bar graph and a line graph different?

a bar graph is a graph that displays data using bars and a line graph is a graph that displays data in a line

What is a line graph?

A continuous graph that shows change over time.

What are the differences of a plot and graph?

A line graph is a line plotted on a 4 quadrant graph. A line plot is a graph that plots values on a graph !