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A Venn diagram is basically showing two activities that a group of people do, and the place where the two circles overlap shows the amount of people which do BOTH the activities. For example, if the two circles represent tennis and Basketball. Those who are in the basketball circle, and not in the overlapped section, they only do basketball. Those in the tennis circle, and not in the overlapped section, only do tennis. Those in the overlapped section do both basketball and tennis.

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Q: How do you read a venn diagram with 2 circles in math?
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What is a venn diagram in math?

A Venn diagram involves two overlapping circles. In one circle, write a subject and all the related ideas to that subject. Do the same thing in the other circle. Then, where the circles overlap, write what the two subjects have in common.

What is the difference between a Venn diagram with 2 circles and one with 3 circles?

A venn diagram with 2 circles is comparing and contrasting two things while a venn diagram with three circles is comparing and contrasting two things to the same one subject instead of with each other.

How do you draw a venn diagram?

2 overlapping circles

What is a venn diagram with three circles called?

my face

What is the other name for venn diagram?

Euler's circles

What are the numbers outside of a venn diagram?

They are the universal set: every number that doesn't fit in the circles in the venn diagram.

Is a diagram two circles put together?

A diagram is any graphic that represents information. A Venn Diagram is a diagram with circles overlapping.

What logo is two half circles interlocked?

A venn diagram.

A graphic organizer consisting of overlapping circles?

A Venn Diagram

What did john venn contribute to problem solving in math?

hE invEnTed THe vEnn DiaGrAm ,,

Why do you use circles instead of squares or triangles or other shapes when making venn diagram?

why do you use circles instead of squares or triangles or other shapes when makikng venn diagram

Why is a venn diagram called a venn diagram?

Named for its inventor, or at least its popularizer. Similar visual tools are known as Euler's circles.

What is John Venn's contributions to solving a problem in math?

The Venn diagram, a diagram representing mathematical or logical sets pictorially as circles or closed curves within an enclosing rectangle (the universal set), common elements of the sets being represented by the areas of overlap among the circles.

What is the word for a diagram that uses overlapping circles to represent sets and their relationship?

A Venn diagram

What is a Venn diagram?

A Venn diagram is a diagram that shows relationships between 2 things or concepts using circles if there are similarities between both then you overlap the circles.

What math contributions did John Venn make?

He created the Venn diagram and wrote books about what he did.

How do you use a venn diagram?

You place information in two overlapping circles.

How do ypu make a venn diagram?

you put 2 circles together

What is a diagram that uses circles to describe relationships between to or more sets?

That's a Venn diagram.

What are John Venn's contributions to math?

He created the "Venn diagram" which is used when dealing with "sets" in mathematics.

What does a Venn diagram look like?

It is 2 circles overlapping each other.

A diagram which uses overlapping circles to show the relationships among members of various sets?

venn diagram

What is a Diagram that uses overlapping circles to show the relationships among members of various sets?

Venn diagram

What are the subsets of the universal set are represented in a Venn diagram by what shape a circle an oval or a rectangle?

The universal set is the outer rectangle and all subsets are circles or ovals. In terms of the Venn diagram, there is no difference between circles and ovals.

What s a venn diagram?

a diagram that compares 2 or more things using 2 or more interlapping circles