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Three billion four hundred fifty-two million nine hundred sixty thousand three hundred eighty-seven.

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Q: How do you read the following number in terms of millions or billions 3452960387?
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What number comes after the millions?

The Billions.

How many users are on YouTube?

millions an billions are on youtube but the exact number is 200,500,499,600.

How do you spell the number 1000000000000?

One Trillion.Trillions, billions, millions, thousands, hundreds1,000,000,000,000

How many billions is 6.02x1023rd power?

Assuming the American billion (of a thousand millions), 6.02 x 1023 (Avogadro's Number) = 6.02 x 1014 billions, or 602000 billion billions.

How many zero are there in a billion?

nine - look at the last number of any number and start counting as ones. Then move left and start counting as tens, then hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions, ten millions, hundred millions, billions, ten billions, hundred billions, trillions, ten trillions, and finally hundred trillions. So 1,000,000,000 is one billion.

What number is in the hundreds place 328?

The 3 is in the hundreds place. Remember numbers are set up in the following way. Example: 9,614,200,369.2345 Billions, Hundred Millions, Ten Millions, Millions, Hundred Thousands, Ten Thousands, Thousands, Hundreds, Tens, Ones, Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths, Ten Thousandths.

How many millions is 0.49 billion?

There are 1000 millions in one billion, so the answer to the question is to multiply the number of billions by 1000. 0.49 X 1000 = 490 million.

What number are you your millions digit is 4 your billions digit is two times your millions digit your hundred thousands digit is two more than your millions digit and three more than your ones digit?


How can periods and places help you read a bigger number?

They usually chunk the number into triples so that you can easily work out thousands, millions, billions, trillions and so on.

What are the functional units of the kidney and approximately how many are located with in each kidney?

nephrons, and there is not really an approximate number it ranges from millions to billions

How many number are there between 1.6 and 1.7?

Impossible question, depends on how many decimals you want to put in, which can be millions, or even billions..

Number between 0.7 and 0.75?

There are millions and billions of them.In fact, there are an infinite number of them.Here are ten, arranged in order of size from smallest to largest, to get you started:0.710.720.7210.72110.7290.72990.730.740.7400000000010.74000000001