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Expressed as a top-heavy fraction in its simplest form, by dividing the numerator and denominator by 3, 15/12 is equal to 5/4 or five quarters.

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Q: How do you reduce 15 over 12 into a lower fraction?
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How do you you reduce 12 over 5 into a lower fraction?

12/5 cannot be simplified further.

How do you reduce 9 over 12 into lower fraction?

Divide by 3/3 9/12 = 3/4

Reduce the fraction 12 over 28?


Can 25 over 12 be reduced to lower fraction?

No, it cannot.

Can 12 over 35 reduce?

The fraction 12/35 cannot be reduced any more.

What is the fraction 12 over 122 reduce to its simplest form?

It is 6/61.

Can you reduce 38 over 24?

Yes, you can reduce 38 over 24 since these terms have the common factors of 2. Simplify that fraction to: 2 * 19 / (2 * 12) = 19 / 12

What is 0.48 as a reduce fraction?


What is the fraction for 5 over 12?

5 over 12 = 5/12 in fraction

Can 12 over 25 be reduced to a lower fraction?

no. because it cant be reduced by 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, or 9.

What is 4878.583 to a mixed fraction over 12?

4878.583 cannot be expressed as a fraction over 12 because 0.583 is not a fraction over 12.

How do you reduce the fraction two thirds percent to a fraction that is not a percentage?


How do you reduce fraction 32 over 12 to lowest terms?

The GCF of 32 and 12 is 4. Take 4 out of both of them. Get 8/3

Is 12 over 12 an improper fraction?

12 over 12 is equivalent to 1. This is not a fraction, but an integer.

What is the value of a whole number minus a fraction like 1 minus 5 over 12?

The way to figure this out is to convert the whole number into a fraction with the same denominator as the fraction being subtracted. Let's do this one. 1 - (5/12) = (12/12) - (5/12) = At this point, you have 12 over 12 minus 5 over 12, and to work a fraction like that where you have a common denominator, you can take the numerators and subtract them and put the result over 12. It will look like this: (12 - 5) / 12 = 7/12 That 7/12 is your answer. You don't even have to reduce it.

How do you reduce the fraction 12-40 into a lowest term?


How do you reduce 17 over 12 into a smaller fraction?

You NEVER "reduce" a fraction into a "smaller fraction". That would change its value. The whole idea that runs through everything you do in math is that you only change the way something looks, but you never change the size of the real number that it represents. 17/12 can't be reduced to any other fraction with lower terms. But if you want to, you can write it as 15/12 instead. That doesn't change anything. The two forms are still exactly the same number.

How do you reduce fraction 30 over 12 to lowest terms?

Divide numerator and denominator by 6. 30/12 = 5/2

What number is 12 percent of 75?

a over 75 (fraction) = 12 over 100 (fraction)

What is 12 percent as a fraction?

12% as a fraction is 3 over 25.

How do you change 12 over 25 to a fraction?

12/25 IS a fraction.

What is the fraction 12 over 21 reduce to its simplest form?

12/21 = 4/7 NOTE : The original fraction can be simplified as both the denominator and numerator are divisible by 3. That is, 3 is a common factor of 12 and 21.

What is the equivalent fraction for three over four?

Equivalent fractions are multiples of the reduce fraction. For 3/4, equivalent fractions would include 6/8, 9/12, 12/16, etc.

What is a math fraction in a phrase for t over 12?

math fraction in a phrase for t over 12 = t/12

What is the simplified fraction of 12 over 20?

The simplified fraction of 12 over 20 is 3/5