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You cannot reduce 17/24 into a lower fraction since 17 and 24 have no GCF to simplify them any lower.

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Q: How do you reduce 17 over 24 into lower fraction?
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What does 17 over 60 reduce to?

The fraction 17/60 cannot be reduced any more.

Hos do you reduce the fraction 9 over 17 to lowest terms?

Since the denominator of the fraction 9/17 is prime, it cannot be reduced any further.

What is is 8 and 1 over 2 percent as a fraction?

85/1000 you can reduce it down to 17/200

How do you reduce 17 over 12 into a smaller fraction?

You NEVER "reduce" a fraction into a "smaller fraction". That would change its value. The whole idea that runs through everything you do in math is that you only change the way something looks, but you never change the size of the real number that it represents. 17/12 can't be reduced to any other fraction with lower terms. But if you want to, you can write it as 15/12 instead. That doesn't change anything. The two forms are still exactly the same number.

Which is 17 as a reduce fraction?

You can think of 17 as a fraction by writing it as 17/1. It is already reduced to lowest terms. Perhaps you mean question 17 in an assignment.

How do you write a percent in as a fraction?

A percentage is x (the percentage) over 100. For instance 17% as a fraction would be 17/100. Reduce if possible. 50% = 50/100. Both are divisible by 50 which = 1/2.

What is the simplest form of 85 over 130?

The fraction 85/130 will reduce by a factor of 5 to 17/26and because 17 is prime and will not divide into 26, that is as simple as it gets.

What is 17 over 3 as in improper fraction?

17/3 is an improper fraction.

What is 17 over 50 as a fraction?


What is 17 over 3 in fraction?

It is 17/3.

Can you reduce 17 over 20?


Can you reduce 13 over 17?