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When i was small, we just had to learn it. You just have to memorize it and then it will become easy :)

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Q: How do you remember your 3 times table?
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What are the importance of Table of Specification?

it assist in checking the validity of the test

Explain how to do the basic math to determe 3.14 x diameter 2squared?

Your question doesn't make sense. The area of a circle is Pi (approximately 3.14) times the RADIUS squared. An example would be a circle with a diameter of 6 inches and thus the circle would have a radius of 3 inches. Three squared (3 times 3) is 9, and 9 times Pi is approximately 28.3 square inches.

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According to Vastu guidelines, the right direction for a study table is deemed to be towards the North or East direction. Placing the desk in this direction will help the person using the desk to avail the best results in their studies. As a Vastu practitioner, I have 20 years of experience in this field. The right orientation of the study table has a say in the concentration level and the ability to grasp new information while studying. Some other Vastu rules that can come in handy include: Always use a rectangular or square-shaped study table. The table needs to be made from good quality wood like one from Wakefit without any cracks or damages A lamp may be placed at the southeast corner of your table. The table needs to be clutter-free. The table should not face a blank wall. The table needs to be at a gap of three to four inches from the wall. All the best in your endeavours!

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you would get the same answer. for example 1 times 3, you would get 3 because any number multiplyed by 1 is always gonna be the same number

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